How Much Does It Cost To Design A Website In Australia?

Discover must-know factors, figures and insights to help you make an educated buying decision!

Picture this: You're about to launch your online business or embark on a major rebranding effort, but web design costs have strained your budget.

What do you do?

Do you try and do it yourself? Pick an overseas company? Or is the investment worth it to partner with a local web design agency?

Web design is a long-term investment.

It ensures your business's online presence is visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly -- a true reflection of your brand that attracts customers. Its impact on your business's success cannot be underestimated.

To help you in your decision-making, this article will:

  • explain the 4 factors that influence web design pricing.
  • unveil web design costs in Australia
  • Compare 8 industries and the average web design price.
  • compare 3 affordable yet top-quality platform options
  • vie you practical tips to strike the perfect balance between budget and brilliance.
  • and much more.

Whether you're a small business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a seasoned marketer, we've got you covered with invaluable insights to navigate the world of web development and design.

It's important to understand why websites cost what they cost, before moving on to choosing a web design agency.

So get ready to unlock the full potential of your online presence!

4 Factors That Affect Website Design Cost

Get to the heart of website design costs by understanding the key factors that influence them. From complexity and customisation to functionality and features, these factors play a vital role in determining the investment required for your dream website.

1) Complexity and customisation

Complexity and customisation directly influence web design costs. Advanced functionality, intricate design elements, and specific integrations require more time and expertise, leading to higher expenses.

Customising the design to align with your brand's identity also adds to the overall cost compared to using pre-designed templates. The more intricate and customised your website needs to be, the greater the resources and effort required, impacting the final design cost.

2) Number of pages and content

The content volume and number of pages significantly impact design costs. Extensive websites with multiple pages or content-rich sections, like blogs or eCommerce platforms, require more time and effort for design and development. Of course, this leads to higher expenses.

Designing, structuring, and populating each page adds to the workload, while specialised content creation services like professional copywriting or custom graphics can also affect design costs.

3) Features and Functionality

Features and functionality significantly influence website design costs. Advanced elements like interactive features, custom forms, databases, user accounts, and eCommerce capabilities often require extra development time and customisation, leading to higher expenses.

Implementing these features, along with necessary integrations or custom coding, adds to the overall workload and resource requirements. Websites with extensive and complex functionality generally incur higher design costs due to the increased time, expertise, and customisation involved in their development.

example of a website feature and functionality

4) Ongoing maintenance and updates

Don't overlook the importance of ongoing maintenance and updates when calculating web design costs. Regular upkeep, security updates, content management, and platform maintenance are essential for optimal website performance and security.

Engaging in these ongoing tasks often comes with additional expenses, whether through hiring web professionals or allocating internal resources.

Neglecting regular maintenance and updates can result in potential issues and vulnerabilities, underscoring the need to consider these costs for a well-functioning and secure site.

Learn more about web development services & our hourly rate here.

Average Cost of Website Design for a Small Business

When it comes to website design for small businesses, the average cost can vary depending on several factors. Generally, small businesses can expect to invest anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for a well-designed and functional site.

The factors we mentioned above all contribute to the final cost. If you're a small business owner, it's important for you to carefully consider your budget and prioritise key elements to ensure a cost-effective yet impactful online presence that helps drive business growth.

Here is a small table from the Australian Government's digital business page to give you an overview of the wide range of pricing available...

Business card website $400-$600 $1,000-$2,000
Folio website $1,000-$2,000 $5,000-$20,000
Brochure Website $1,000-$2,000 $5,000-$20,000
eCommerce Website $1,800-$4,000 $10,000-$80,000
Blogs $400-$600 $1,000-$2,000

Cost Comparison: custom vs template designs

There's a choice to be made: custom or template design?

Custom designs offer tailor-made solutions, ensuring a unique and personalised website that perfectly aligns with your brand. However, this level of customisation often comes at a higher price tag due to the additional time and expertise involved.

On the other hand, template designs provide pre-designed layouts that can be cheap and quick to implement. While they may lack the level of customisation, templates offer a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

It's important to weigh your specific needs, budget, and desired level of uniqueness when deciding between custom designs and templates.

Website Design Cost Calculator (are they worth using?)

Website design costs calculators: your trusty budget-savvy sidekick. These tools take the guesswork out of budgeting by swiftly estimating website expenses based on factors like page count, desired features, complexity, and customisation needs. They provide a reality check, ensuring that your financial expectations align with your website goals.

But that's not all -- these calculators bring more to the table. They empower decision-making by allowing quick comparisons between different design options and features. With just a few clicks, you can explore the financial implications of various design choices, enabling you to make informed decisions that align with your budget.

Tips you should know

Here's a pro tip for the best results: be accurate and specific when entering your website requirements. The more precise your inputs, the more accurate the estimate. In saying that, it's important to keep in mind that website design cost calculators provide estimates, not exact figures.

For precise quotes, it's always a good idea to consult with professionals who can factor in additional nuances and provide tailored insights based on your unique needs.

So, let these calculators be your cost-effective compass on the exciting journey to a visually stunning and budget-friendly website!

Unveiling the price tag: Website Design Cost in Australia

When it comes to website design costs in Australia, it's essential to put things into perspective.

Australian businesses can expect to invest anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a well-crafted website. Factors like complexity, functionality, customisation, and the number of pages all play a role in determining the final price tag.

So, whether you're a startup or an established company, understanding the typical website design prices in Australia sets the stage for a budget-conscious online journey.

Comparing costs: Australia vs the world

Australia vs the rest of the world costs

So, how do Australian website design costs fare on the global stage? Well, when compared to other countries, it's fair to say that our design costs are in line with the global average.

While prices can vary across regions and markets, Australian businesses can take comfort in knowing that they're investing in websites that meet international standards while catering to the specific needs of their local customer base.

It's a sweet spot that combines quality, expertise, and affordability, positioning your Aussie business for online success.

Factors at play: What influences website design costs?

Several factors impact website design costs. Complexity reigns supreme -- more intricate designs, advanced functionality, and unique customisations demand additional time and expertise, inevitably driving up the cost.

The number of pages and the amount of content also contribute to the overall expenses. Furthermore, don't overlook the importance of desired features, such as eCommerce capabilities or interactive elements, as they can significantly influence the final price.

So, when planning your website design project, consider these factors and strike a balance between your vision and your budget for a winning online presence.

Tax Deductibility of Website Design Cost

When it comes to tax time, the expenses you incur for creating or revamping your website may qualify as a deductible business expenses. It's a win-win situation -- invest in your online presence while reaping the tax benefits.

Criteria for tax deductibility

To claim website design costs as a tax deduction, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, the website should be directly related to your business activities. It should serve a purpose that aligns with your trade or industry. Additionally, the expenses incurred must be revenue or capital in nature and not private.

So, as long as your website design expenses meet these criteria, you could be eligible for a tax deduction that lightens the financial load.

Tips for maximising your reduction

When it's time to claim your webdesign costs as a tax deduction, a little preparation can go a long way.

Keep thorough records of all of your expenses, including invoices and receipts, to support your claim. Be aware of government grants and incentives available for small businesses so your business can take advantage of them.

These grants provide an excellent opportunity to offset your expenses and boost your online presence while reducing the financial impact. It's a smart way to invest in your business while maximising your tax benefits.

NOTE: this is not legal tax advise, we are not Accountants and you should seek the guidance of a certified Accountant before making any final decisions on tax matters.

Industry Insights: Design costs across 8 different sectors

Website design costs can vary depending on the industry and specific business needs. Let's take a closer look at a few examples:

Shopify Stores

Cost range: $1,500-$5,000

Shopify provides a popular platform for businesses to set up online stores. While Shopify offers template designs, additional costs may arise for customisations, unique branding and marketing, and advanced features like inventory management, dropshipping, and integration with third-party apps.

Example of a shopify store:

shopify store example

Hospitality Industry

Cost range: $2,000-$8,000

Hotels and restaurants often aim for visually stunning websites that highlight their amenities, menus, and booking capabilities. Costs vary depending on factors like online reservation systems, interactive menus, photo galleries, and integration with third-party booking and delivery platforms.

Example of a restaurant site:

restaurant website example

Dental Industry

Cost range: $2,500-$5,000

Dental practices often opt for professional and visually appealing websites to showcase their services. Costs can range depending on the complexity of features like appointment booking systems, patient portals, and interactive elements.

Example of a dentist website:

dentist website example

Medical, Fitness & Wellness

Cost range: $2,500-$6,000

Gyms, yoga studios, and wellness centres seek engaging websites that attract and inform potential clients. Costs may be influenced by features like class scheduling, online registration, membership portals, and instructor profiles.

Example of a Medical/Wellness website:

wellness medical website example

Creative Industries

Cost range: $2,500-$6,000

Artists, photographers, and designers often opt for visually captivating websites that showcase their portfolios and artistic talents. Costs vary depending on features like image galleries, video integration, custom slideshows, and creative layouts that reflect their unique style.

Example of a creative companies website:

creative industry website example

eCommerce Website

Cost range: $3,500-$10,000

Online retail businesses require robust functionality and user-friendly interfaces. Costs can vary depending on the number of products, shopping cart systems, payment gateways, and customisations needed to deliver a seamless online shopping experience.

Example of a e-Commerce website:

ecommerce website example

Real Estate

Cost range: $4,000-$10,000

Real estate agencies require websites that showcase property listings, provide search filters, and offer virtual tours. Costs can depend on factors like property database integration, interactive maps, lead generation forms, and agent profiles.

Example of a Real Estate website:

real estate website example

Law Firms

Cost range: $5,000-$12,000+

Law firms often seek sophisticated and professional websites that instil trust and reflect their expertise. Costs can be influenced by content organisation, integration of case management systems, online consultation capabilities, and compliance with legal regulations.

Example of a lawyer website:

lawyer website example

Design feature differences: Impact on cost

Design features can significantly impact website design costs, regardless of industry.

Advanced functionalities like custom forms, interactive elements, complex animations, or database integrations generally require more time and expertise. This results in higher expenses.

On the other hand, simpler designs with standard layouts and fewer customisations tend to be more cost-effective. It's essential to carefully consider which design features are crucial for your website, striking a balance between functionality, visual appeal, and your budget.

By prioritising the most impactful design features, you can create a website that resonates with your target audience while optimising your investment.

Cost of WordPress Design

Since its launch to the online space in 2003 WordPress has experienced a steep growth rate.

So much so that, according to W3Techs in 2003, "WordPress was used by 63.2 of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 43.1% of all websites."

While starting as a blogging platform, over the past years, WordPress has been bent, shaped and used in every way possible, making it as popular as it is.

Costs for a Wordpress site can be broken down as follows:

Do It Yourself

If you have a domain name and hosting ready to go, you can download the source free WordPress files, load them up and you're ready to go and start blogging.

Template or Themes Option

You can buy a template you like and install the theme, potentially getting you off the ground for less than $100. If you want help from a web design agency, prices to customise and implement your content on a themed template start at $3,000+gst, depending on the project size.

Custom Wordpress Website

If you want a custom design, designed exactly for your business to convert as many visitors into leads, enquiries & sales, then you're looking at a starting price range of $5,000+gst; again, depending on the size & complexity of the project.
For this project, you'll need a team with the ability to:

  • Wireframe and structure your new WordPress Website for the best user experience
  • Team of writers to write the words on your website.
  • A website designer who puts everything that's been planned and written into a design
  • A qualified developer, ideally a web developer well-versed in WordPress.

WordPress has very few limitations, and based on your situation, one of the above three options will make this platform a good fit for you.

Squarespace and Wix

Looking to build a stunning website with ease? Squarespace and Wix are two popular website-building service platforms that cater to beginners and seasoned web designers alike.

These all-in-one solutions offer user-friendly interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and a range of design templates to bring your vision to life.

Price comparison

When it comes to cost, Squarespace and Wix offer different pricing structures to meet varying needs.

Squarespace plans start at $22, with additional features and functionality available in higher-tier plans ranging from $35 to $61 per month.

Wix plans, on the other hand, begin at $15 per month, with more advanced options available in the $23 to $39 per month range.

It's essential to consider your budget, desired features, and long-term goals when selecting the platform that best suits your needs.

What are the features?

Squarespace and Wix come packed with features that empower you to create a professional-looking website.

Squarespace boasts elegant and modern templates, robust eCommerce capabilities, and built-in SEO tools. It also provides a blogging platform, email marketing features, and integration with third-party tools for enhanced functionality.

Wix, on the other hand, offers a vast library of templates, powerful customisation options, and an App Market with a wide array of add-ons. It excels in eCommerce, offers advanced search engine optimisation features, and supports multilingual websites.

wix features

Which should I pick?

Ultimately, the choice between Squarespace and Wix depends on your specific needs, budget, and comfort with each platform's interface.

Both options provide the tools and flexibility to create a visually stunning and functional website without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

So, explore the features, compare the costs, and embark on your website-building journey with confidence.

squarespace features

Average Cost of Professional Website Design

When it comes to professional web design, the average cost is typically a few thousand dollars. The price tag reflects the expertise, time, and craftsmanship that go into creating a visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly website.

Think of it as an investment in your online presence, a worthwhile endeavour to captivate your audience and drive business growth.

Comparing website types

The type of website you need also plays a role in the cost equation.

A one-page website, ideal for showcasing essential information or a simple portfolio, generally falls on the lower end of the price spectrum.

On the other hand, a five-page website, with more content, sections, and interactivity, may require additional design and development work, influencing the overall cost.

Features that make a difference

Customisation can make a world of difference.

Advanced functionalities like eCommerce integration, custom forms, membership portals, or complex animations add to the overall cost. On the flip side, simpler designs with standard layouts and fewer customisations tend to be more budget-friendly.

It's crucial to strike a balance between your desired features, visual appeal, and your budget to create a website that truly represents your brand and its value while optimising your investment.

Website design costs: 
Final thoughts and next steps

Managing website design costs is crucial for businesses of all sizes in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

From understanding the factors that influence pricing to explore affordable options, these valuable insights will help you confidently navigate this virtual terrain.

When embarking on your website design journey, consider the type of website you need, the desired features, and the level of customisation.

Research reputable providers and compare packages to find the best fit for your budget and goals. Whether you work with an agency or freelance web designer, clear communication and a shared vision are key.

Remember, your website is your virtual storefront. A well-designed, thoughtfully crafted online presence can make all the difference in attracting customers, showcasing your brand, and, ultimately, boosting your success.

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