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How We Can Help

Our Sunshine Coast web design agency can help you from graphic design all the way to complex coding; and anything in between. While working with a local team on the Sunshine Coast isn't as affordable as outsourcing overseas... We guarantee having the ability to pick up the phone, sit down with an expert and just in general communicating with someone that understands your needs will save you time, loads of frustration and in the end... money! Here's how we can help you achieve this.

Why work with us?

You get a website that stands out, is easy to use AND converts!

You'll collaborate with a team of marketing strategists, designers and developers - we understand the full picture of what makes websites work. Your visitors will have an awesome user experience. We will design & build a website you love, your customers love and makes you loads of money.

You get access to the best, smartest and most innovative people in the industry.

Our team is awesome! We dare to dream beyond what's deemed possible and as a results deliver state-of-the-art, cutting edge web design & development solutions.

You get a website that's easy to manage, update and operate.

We believe in simplicity. Our user friendly platform allows you to easily update words, images & keep things up to date. And... if you ever need help, we're just a phone call away.

You get a local team who supports Sunshine Coast businesses.

You get one-on-one access to our team to discuss your ideas and plans. While this isn't as cheap as outsourcing overseas... you'll actually end up with the website you envisioned and enjoy the process of building it with our team.

You get a mobile, tablet & cross device ready website Google will love!

Your customers want to find & interact with your business in different ways, platforms & devices. We are experts at figuring out what that looks like for you and  create your website accordingly. We make sure your site engages visitors and displays your message correctly; whatever the device. Best part, our web developers understand the search engines, so you'll build a presence on Google with your business website in no time.

You get industry leading support.

We don't just build sites and leave you to figure things out. Our client relationships span 10 even 15 years. You become part of the Websites That Sell family and with that a full support team on a mission to generate results for you. 

Trusted By Local & National Brands Across Different Industries

Meet Your Team

Matthew McDonald
"keeping your project on-time + on-budget"
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Layout & Wireframing
  • Project Management
Nik Marchese
"writing code to solve life's problems"
  • Full-Stack Software Development
  • Full Site Builds
  • Comprehensive Support
Matthew Morrell
"building better modern solutions"
  • Performance Analysis
  • System Simulation
  • Linux Administration
  • Web Hosting
Sanjay Maharjan
"developing sites that rank organically"
  • Develop SEO friendly sites
  • Fixes and troubleshooting
  • Technical SEO

Heres some of our work

...We're pretty damn proud of our workmanship!
When the team redesigned the site... I almost fell off my chair!

We spent a lot of money on another advertising company who didn't know what they were doing.

When the Websites That Sell team redesigned the site, and I saw it, I almost fell off my chair. It was a huge change, and they definitely knew what they were doing. It was a 20 times better result than our previous site.

Another thing we noticed about the team, which is very refreshing, is that they are very prompt with email correspondence. They always replied immediately and made the changes we needed as quickly as possible. Changes were done pretty much in a flash.

Thanks for your work.

Yok & Ying - Western Australia
LaCrust Bakery
Awesome, Awesome, You Are Fantastic And Unbelievable.

Awesome, awesome you are fantastic and unbelievable. In my 10 years of business, you have surpassed all others before you regarding your service. You have made my day.

In my business, I go beyond for my clients, and sometimes I question myself for the heart, soul and effort I put in and feel that I can be taken advantage of. But today, karma came to me.

Like you, I will continue giving my all as I do it for selfless reasons and if people take advantage of that, that's their issue, not mine. Thank you again. Keep well and happy.

Birgit Hall - South Australia
Innovative Body and Skin Solutions

Our proven web design process delivers success

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Discovery Session
We get very clear on your message & market and map out your customers journey for your new website.
Wireframing & Strategy
We frame, structure & strategise your website from the ground up - before pen ever hits paper.
Think colour, imagery and words that sell all come together in perfect symphony. The magic begins.
Tech meets user experience and flawless functionality. It's where our dev team brings your design alive.
Final Testing
Multi browser, cross device & user testing. Once it passes every test, your site will get the green light.
We hand you the keys and embark on the exciting journey of making your website sell. 

Case Studies

real companies, real results!

Why Do You Need a Professional Web Design Agency in Sunshine Coast

While the Sunshine Coast was defined as a district in 1967, the local online marketing industry is still in its infancy. In other words, the history of web design on the Sunshine Coast is still in the making.

According to Sunshine Coasts Council .idcommunity, in 2016, 13,437 households in Sunshine Coast (11.5%) had no internet connection at the dwelling.

Fast forward to 2022, with businesses and consumers operating in a “post-COVID” world and implementing the International Broadband Network, the Sunshine Coast now has faster and more affordable internet access than ever before. Andrew Wallace (Federal Member For Fisher) commented that 75% of homes and businesses will have access to the internet by 2023.

To say the least… the Internet is the fastest-growing technological advancement on the Sunshine Coast.

The benefit of having a website and web design that sells is that you can tap into this ever-growing opportunity.

The challenge is knowing how to build a website that doesn’t just look pretty but makes your business grow.

That’s not even considering that we haven’t scratched the future of web design… by the time we reach 2030, everything will look different again. So you need a professional digital marketing agency that’s up to date not only with the latest trends in design but also with social media marketing & SEO to help you navigate this ever-changing world.

To get you started, we’ve assembled a resource to answer any questions you may have and help you pick a great web design company.

Your Web Design Questions Answered

Are you a professional web design agency?

Where there isn’t an official governing web industry body in Australia, Websites That Sell is a contributing member of the Australian Web Industry Association.

Additionally, we use all the industry standard tools such as Figma for wireframing, Photoshop & Adobe XD for design and popular frameworks such as WordPress & Shopify for deploying sites. Because our developers have skills, we even use text editors and HTML code editors to write code for the user interface and do updates across sites. We also use Monday for internal communication and Basecamp for managing your website project.

We employ degree-qualified designers, developers and content creators, all up-to-date and trained to deliver world-class websites. Check out our website designs on our portfolio page.

In addition to this, we also employ Search Engine Optimisation professionals to ensure your website is built based on best SEO practices (including keywords, rankings, links, etc.).

We have an in-house social media team to ensure your website will be social-ready and have a unique identity that your market connects with.

We are proud to employ Australian Degree qualified Australian copywriters who understand your business goals and your customer avatar to ensure every word on your website connects with your target market.

However, above all, we don't just provide you with a web page. You get access to our marketing services to ensure your website conversions increase and you beat your competitors.

That’s why we think Websites That Sell provides the best web design services and is one of the most qualified and popular web design companies on the Sunshine Coast.

We are always on the lookout for new team members to join us. Apply for a job on our Contact Us page.

We also provide web design in Brisbane & web design for Gold Coast companies.

What different types of web design is there?

There are different types of web designs such as single pages, static websites, dynamic websites, responsive layouts, liquid designs and fixed designs.

The approach and elements you need on your website will depend on your business and the type of traffic you will drive via channels such as Google ads or offline advertising.

Most of our clientele on the Sunshine Coast is made up of local businesses of all sizes that need information sites that will generate more enquiries & calls - these fall under the umbrella of static and dynamic websites.

How to find a web designer on the Sunshine Coast?

According to Google Maps, there are over 120 web designers & companies on the Sunshine Coast. Your choice is far and wide.   However, because you’re on this page, it means you’ve already found us. Websites That Sell operates right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. You can easily access our office via the Sunshine Motorway and see us in person at our office location at 1/342 Mons Road, Forest Glen 4556 QLD.

How to choose the best web designer on the Sunshine Coast?

This depends on what you want to achieve.

The following three steps will help you choose the best web design company on the Sunshine Coast.

  1. Check if they are local and operating in your local area… you’ll want to be able to see them or at least speak to them over the phone. Our team is located in Forest Glen in the middle of the Coast, but we service clients from Noosa to Caloundra.
  2. Check out their portfolio. Do you like their designs?
  3. Pick up the phone and ring them to book a meeting about your project. We can’t stress the importance of getting this right… Ensure you get good communication from the team you’ll be working with. Ensure they have a clear understanding of every aspect of your business, the users of your site and the theme you're trying to build with your site.
  4. Lastly, do a credibility check on your company.

An easy way is to search on Google and check out the reviews of the different companies to help you make an educated decision.

You can check out our reviews here.

How to determine your budget for web design?

These are super ballpark figures however, based on our website pricing, and we’ve located here on the coast here is the kind of price to set your expectations:

The average cost of a custom website on the Sunshine Coast starts at $5,000.

The average cost of web hosting on the Sunshine Coast starts at 9.90/mo

You can register a domain for under $10 a year.

The average hourly rate of web design services is $150+GST.

For a custom website development project, you’re looking at an average cost of $10,000.

The cost of your project and the budget required will be determined by how many pages you would like, what kind of functionality & features you need and how complex you would like your design to be.

(the quoted prices  depend on the type of products you have in mind, and the range of services you choose from, if the outlined costs for web designing & web development are outside of your coverage, you may need to look at a website builder such as Wix or Squarespace to get started.)

What is the expected timeline for launching a website?

We have a great track record of completing website design projects in less than 3 months.

If your timeline for launching your new website is shorter than 90 days we highly recommend getting in touch with us ASAP.

How can I help in the design process?

Branding & professional photography is usually where website design falls short. While our designers can produce incredible artwork if the business doesn’t have quality photos and logo & brand guidelines, we are limited to stock photos and putting together a simple guide.

We can help with your logo design and provide you with contacts of quality photographers to help you get started and prepared and make the design process a success.

The final important thing is to provide a proper brief.

Do some research about the type of other websites you like, what features you want on your website, and what you want the look and feel of your website. A clear idea to help our team bring this to life will help us deliver the perfect outcome for you.

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