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Nik Marchese
"Writing code to solve life's problems"
  • Full-Stack Software Development
  • Full Site Builds
  • Comprehensive Support
Matthew Morrell
"Building better modern solutions"
  • Performance Analysis
  • System Simulation
  • Linux Administration
Sanjay Maharjan
"developing sites that rank organically"
  • Develop SEO friendly sites
  • Fixes and troubleshooting
  • Technical SEO

How We Work

We like to keep things simple.

Step 1

Provide us a brief of what you'd like to get done here or call us on 1300 188 662.

Step 2

We'll then provide a quote.

Step 3

You approve the quote and we complete the work.

Our professional development rate is $125+GST per hour, and we bill in 15-minute increments.

This process works great for simple website fixes, changes or modifications.

If you're looking for a bigger development project, we'll do a discovery call via Zoom, or you can also come and see us in person.

During this call, we'll identify what you want to create, provide the best solutions to solve your problems and finalise everything with a written quote.

If you need website work done or want to schedule a discovery call, call us on 1300 188 662 or request a free quote here.

Answers To Questions You May Have

What is included in Web Development?

Web Development refers to building/creating, updating, and maintaining websites and web applications. Web Development includes everything from the client side (what the user sees) and server-side (computer language that interacts with databases, lets users log in and much more). It also includes things like web design, content development and sometimes scripting.

What do Web Developers do?

Our web developers can create, maintain & fix websites and web applications for you.  Our developers will take care of all your website's technical aspects, e.g. load speed, overall functionality, performance, etc. Developers also help with the coding of new designs and how the design functions on different devices (desktop, tablet & mobile).

What skills should a Web Developer have?

Computer literacy, problem-solving skills, numeracy skills, creativity, attention to detail and more.

Web developers use various technologies, including PHP (programming language), SQL (database system) and Linux systems administration. Web developers are curious about the world, too! They have an eye for design - both digital and physical - as well as information editing. Above all, though, they are passionate about using their skills to contribute something that makes people's lives easier or better in some small way.

Which language is best for Web Development?

Good developers are drawn to languages they find interesting or challenging. There are plenty of good programmers out there who vastly prefer Python over PHP, Java over C#, etc. So it's hard to gauge which language is best for web development, but obviously, the more choice you have, the better since many factors can affect what language suits an individual developer best.

What does a Web Developer do on an existing Website?

A web developer should have skills in multiple areas, including monitoring performance, functionality, speed, design, content and campaigns.

Monitoring your website's performance is an important part of being a web developer. The goal is to make sure the site works well for all users. To do this, our developers test baseline usage in terms of page load time, or we crawl through it ourselves with different browsers on different networks & devices at different points in the day. Web developers also test new scripts when they're added by viewing them in popular testing tools like BrowserStack, PageSpeed Insights, and WebPageTest.

What are the different types of a Web Developers?

Web developers typically fall into three categories: Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers and Full-Stack Developers. A developer that specialises in building websites from the front or back end of a website is known as a Front End Developer or Back End Developer respectively. Full Stack Developers are one of the most technical positions because they're not just proficient in both front and back end, but also know how to deal with all aspects of programming and software engineering.

What is difference between Web Design and Web Development?

Web Design is the process of creating a web page's concepts, layout, look, interactivity and its place on the Internet - including the evolution of each one over time. Web Development is programming computer code using languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to take the design from a concept to a web page that browsers can read. You'll need both Web Design and Web Development for any credible website - however, they may work in tandem or independently for various circumstances. Your Web Designer would work on concepts of your site, including layout, colours, styles/fonts, etc., while your Developer would focus on coding the layouts brought up by designers.

How many Developers do you need to create a website?

For most projects, we estimate a need for 1-3 people on a full website build. So, an answer to this question can change based on all the context around it.

A small project would require 1 or 2 developers with knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript skills, to get interactive elements going.

This is assuming that there are no complicated integrations or security requirements - which will add more complexity and time to the project, making it ultimately bump up the number of developers required by a whole team.

For larger projects with many different sections, it's good practice to have at least two developers involved in quality assurance at any time - or even full-time if your project is large enough.

What is an API?

An API, or application programming interface, is a set of rules and specifications that dictate how one program communicates with another. For example, Facebook has an API that dictates the number of times a user can make posts in a given timeframe, as well as what kind of posts are counted as spam posts. In general, it would be wise to use an API for tasks such as building apps and transferring data between applications. There are three types of APIs: REST, SOAP, and RPC.

Where can I find a web developer near me?

Websites That Sell is a local Australian company and we have offices on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast. You can come visit us at our office locations or our team can come to you.

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