CASE STUDY: Search Engine Optimisation Campaign Takes Brisbane Based Financial Services Company To 
7 Figures Recurring Revenue.

The Backstory:

Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services is a local bookkeeping firm who was looking to break into the Brisbane market. Adwords was already working well for them across different locations in South East Queensland however they hadn't cracked the Brisbane market on a organic front, let alone had a Brisbane SEO strategy in place to do so. The brief was simple. Help us rank for our highest commercial terms across Brisbane in both organic search as well as Google My Business. Bookkeeping being a local service based offering made appearing in the maps especially important.

SEO Campaigns Results:

Rankings: Top rankings for bookkeeping software related keywords across Brisbane as well as main service related keywords.

bookkeeping rankings

Traffic: We helped the client increase new users to the website by 61.66% from one year to the next.

Traffic Increase Google Analytics

Business Growth: The client broke through 7 Figures in recurring revenue, generating enough additional cash flow to replicate the same strategy across more cities in Australia.

Clients Comments: We interviewed Richard on his experience and the valued he received from the Websites That Sell's SEO team.

How We Achieved These Results

The SEO Strategy

  1. Website Relevancy

When we started the campaign the clients website had zero relevance to Brisbane. We had to complete proper keyword research to identify the entities around Brisbane and the services the client provided.


Based on this we developed a Brisbane specific geo page and content pieces to support this page.


The next step was to optimise the new page as highly as possible and find any gaps the competition had to beat them on every front on a on-page optimisation level.


We focused on the title tag, meta description, h tags and body copy as a priority.


Once we exhausted these highest impact ranking factors we focused on further technical strategies.

  1. Local Link Building

Once the website built up theme relevance on a site level it was time to establish the company as a "real" business across Brisbane in Google's eyes. We ran various local link building campaigns as well as a Google My Business set up to further boost the relevancy factor for the website and specific landing page.

  1. Increase The Power:

The final step was to increase the power of the website and landing page using high authority links. We engaged in various outreach campaigns and secured guest blog posts for the client across industry relevant, high traffic websites. This isn't a quick approach however as the links gained age and authority the rankings started to surge.


Since this is a competitive industry, to maintain rankings the client stayed on an ongoing maintenance campaign to defend the rankings.


The client was up against bigger sites such as Yellow Pages and Service Seeking.


Other bookkeepers in the industry didn't seem to have the budget he had so it was mainly the big national sites that we had to beat. 


We came in on a super relevant front and powered by a precision link building campaign we achieved the result required.


Ongoing, the strategy involves a continuing building of the sites domain authority via outreach and content marketing.