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We are a Brisbane SEO Company that helps business owners drive more traffic. more leads. more sales! (not just rankings)

13+ Years Experience, 100% Proven Results! SEO services from $150+GST/hr and campaigns starting from $2,000+GST/month.

Dear Business Owner,

If you've landed on this page... it means you're looking for a SEO Company in Brisbane.

And even though we think we're one of the best SEO Companies in Brisbane, it’s probably not that clear-cut for you!

You may have tried SEO in the past.

Worked with another agency, an overseas freelancer or a “wannabe internet marketing guru”.

They promised the world but delivered nothing in return for your hard-earned money.

We get it… we hear these “horror” stories a lot.

So rather than confuse you with “techy” mumbo jumbo SEO talk or desperately try to hard pitch you...

We’ve designed the rest of this page to help you make an educated decision.

Having helped business owners website marketing since 2007, we have found three main easy-to-spot things that set a good SEO company apart from a bad one.

The following 3 factors will help you choose the right SEO agency in Brisbane.

If the company you’re talking to can give good answers to the above, they’ll likely do a pretty good job with your search engine optimization campaign.

And YES, we are biased 😬

...but we think by the time you get to the end of this page, you’ll understand why companies all over Brisbane and some of Australia’s biggest brands trust us with their Search Engine Optimization needs.

So here’s us having a crack at answering the above 3 for you.

Proof Of SEO Results

While we don’t want to gloat, we’re trusted by both local and national brands.

You may even recognise some household names in the range of businesses that trust us.

Look… it’s nice to be able to feature all those brands and we love all our clients.

But what really excites us is the results for clients.

Measurable. Impactful. Business Changing. Results!

So here are a few case studies and undeniable proof that we get results.

SEO Results (Case Studies)

Glen, Stilus design and construction
Beau Schutz, AOT Services Group
Richard, Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services
Jaxon Calder, Lean for Life

Ranking Results:

If someone claims to be Brisbane's #1 SEO Agency, they better be able to back this up with SEO results. Not just ranking for their own agency, but SEO results that deliver more customers for their clients. Our Digital Marketing Agency doesn't shy away from providing proof, so here's a bunch of SEO results our SEO agency has achieved for our clients.

Skin Clinic RankingsTrade Business RankingsService Business RankingsRenovation Business Rankings

Reviews From Clients:

And here’s a bunch of reviews about our SEO services from clients in Brisbane.

Transparency in Work Delivered By Experienced SEO Consultants In Brisbane

So what does it look like working with a SEO Consultant and the rest of the team at Websites That Sell?

Who are we?

What do we actually do?

Do we have a proven & repeatable SEO strategy to get No.1 rankings AND getting the phone ringing?

Let us answer those questions by introducing ourselves first.

Meet Your Team Of SEO Experts, Ready To Deliver High Levels of Consulting and Strategy

Team Of SEO Consultants In Brisbane

We don't just have one consultant... we have a team of Brisbane SEO experts that live & breathe Search Engine Optimisation!

We are not generalists... we are SEO Specialists.

PLUS, the good news is we don't operate in some faraway land overseas... we're here on the ground in Australia.

Our headquarters are on the Sunshine Coast, and we service clients all over Brisbane.

You can pick up the phone and call us anytime you want (within office hours of course), and we'll actually answer the phone.

In addition, and this is what sets us apart from all the other Brisbane SEO agencies...

You get direct access to our experienced SEO consultants, you get to speak to your dedicated SEO specialist; not just some account manager.

If you have questions, it’ll be the person working on your campaign who answers them.

This makes our SEO services much more efficient and effective for you.

Here's the team you'll be working with:

Sanjay Maharjan
"I started in seo back in 2008"Specialisations:
  • Technical SEO
  • Comprehensive Site Audit
  • Best SEO Practices
  • Comprehensive Audit
Anna Buck
"Creating quality content since the 90's!"Specialisations:
  • Strategic Content Writing
  • User Experience Flow
  • Weaving SEO Principles Into UX Design
  • Website Planning And Wireframes
David Krauter
"I've seen every Google update to date - right from the beginning..."
  • Effective SEO Strategy Formulation
  • Web Design For Successful SEO strategy execution
  • In Depth Keyword Research
  • User's search query/page matching
  • SEO marketing

Your Monthly SEO Report, Analytics & Strategy Outline

Each month our team will provide a full report outlining key points of your campaign and SEO results achieved.

Watch how our campaign reporting system works, you'll know exactly how well your digital marketing is doing.

This custom report will highlight the following:

Campaign Overview: What is or may not be working and the steps to rectify the campaign's course. This is where our head of SEO, with over 13 years of experience, will provide strategic direction for the campaign.

Traffic Report: Based on the history of reporting available, we’ll compare visitors month on month or year on year for a specific period. This includes total visitors, breakdown of organic visitors and % of new visits.

Conversion Report: Based on the history of reporting available, we’ll compare conversions month on month or year on year.

We report on the following conversions: Web Form Conversion, Phone Conversion (and any other conversion we can set up, e.g. Bookings, downloads, emails etc.)

Work Completion Reports: We will give a snapshot of the work completed on the campaign. This includes any work completed on the website (website optimisation and content creation), completion of foundational links and new authority backlink acquisition.

We think it's only fair that you get full transparency into the actual deliverables and tangible outcomes of the work we deliver.

Our SEO Focus Is To Drive Traffic AND Conversions

Meaningful & impactful results are our true north!

It's part of our vision, mission and core values.

The focus for every Brisbane SEO campaign is what actually matters to you as a business owner.

Being business owners ourselves and having provided digital marketing services to businesses since 2007, we know this isn't vanity metrics like:

"impression share" "crawl budget" or whether you have a "high domain score"

Those are all things we know and care about, but our focus for every campaign is this:

More traffic > More phone calls > More leads > More sales.

Here's what this looked like for another one of our clients who we helped beat his competitors.


The foundation of our services hinge on this focus.

Here's our process and how our team will achieve these kind of outcomes for you too.

Our Proven SEO Process For Businesses Based In Brisbane

Determine if SEO will generate a positive ROI

The very first step before even thinking about hiring a SEO agency is to figure out if your business actually lends itself to SEO.

In other words...

Is SEO worth it for your Brisbane businesses?

90% of the time, the short answer is yes.

The long answer is "it depends".

We always like to work backward when deciding whether SEO is a good fit for businesses.

The first step is to look at your customers.

Do they live in the Brisbane area, and are they likely to go to Google to search for your products or services?

In other words, does your business type lend itself to SEO?

The types of businesses in Brisbane we've been able to help most are those where people already know what they want but simply need to find the right provider for their needs.

The next step is to look at the location.

Do you operate Brisbane-wide, and can you service all of Brisbane, or do you just want to narrow in on a specific suburb?

For example, if you're located and just serving Logan, you probably don't want to travel to service leads in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, such as Chermside or North Lakes.

In this scenario, we wouldn't recommend a Brisbane-wide campaign, but instead, to narrow in on your suburb and only focus on the area you can actually service profitably.

If the above two align.

  1. There is a demand
  2. You can service that demand

Then SEO will still be worth it in Brisbane.

Map Out the Stages Of The SEO Campaign

This is a full 5-point breakdown of what Search Engine Optimisation looks like for a Brisbane company.

Doing SEO in Brisbane would look as follows:

  1. Identify which keywords are suitable for you to target. Eg. ("your service" Brisbane) ("your product" Brisbane)
  2. Optimise your website around these keywords.
  3. Start your content engine to build relevance & authority for your site.
  4. Start link building to build the power of your website.
  5. Get found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Narrow in on the top ranking factors to get results FAST

After having worked with numerous companies across Brisbane & and having somewhat of a track record of successfully ranking websites for keywords geographically related to Brisbane, we have found the following 3 factors to be critical for success.

Having done this for a very long time gives us insider knowledge of the rules that really matter...

We have found the following 3 factors proven to consistently matter the most when it comes to attaining search engine rankings.

SIDE NOTE: It all depends on your baseline... have you got a quality & optimised website? Do you have backlinks, do you have content that gives your website or landing page theme relevance?

However, all things being equal, the following 3 ranking factors matter most when doing SEO in Brisbane:

1) Proximity to the city centre

This right here (image below) is smack bang in the middle of the Brisbane CBD:

proximity to Brisbane City Centre for SEO

Having a Google My Business as close to the city centre is a competitive advantage.

A bonus to this is the ability to power up your local relevance and site relevance with citations (business listing) in a natural way.

Learn more about our Local SEO Services for Brisbane companies.

2) Site Quality & Relevance

This is literally what all algorithm updates in the past 5 years have tried to address.

How relevant is your website to the keyword rankings you are trying to achieve?

It's all about having content pillars across your website to build topical relevance while still maintaining site quality.

And of course, getting the basics like your meta tags, descriptions, and H tags right.

SIDE NOTE: SEO isn't about getting all aspects right. It's about the ability to target the areas that get the best result. Not only does this make things more affordable for you, but maximises your profits at the same time.

3) Site Authority

This was, is and will always be one of Google's algorithm's core ranking factors.

How many backlinks do you have from other relevant websites?

Getting this right could be the difference between a top spot on Google and getting found.

Domain age and other things do come into play... but the fact that we have repeatedly ranked new websites with quality links proves just how much links still matter (anyone that tells you differently probably isn't worth their salt in SEO)

ready to learn more about what we offer? Introducing...

Website & SEO Services Brisbane

We have a variety of solutions available. While the majority of clients need a full-service solution, we can also provide a combination of services to achieve the outcomes you are after.

We understand SEO isn't one size fits all, the purpose is to get results and that's what our services focus on.

All of our SEO services follow Google's guidelines and best practices.

Our SEO Services Guarantee

We set goals, KPIs and deliverables for every campaign - these are in place in order to keep us accountable and get the results you deserve.

While No.1 rankings are not guaranteed (no one can), having accountability like this in place gives you the guarantee that we will deliver everything we promise in our campaign proposal or we will work for free until we do.

We think this is better than a money-back guarantee, because you know we are actually committed to getting results for you.

We've been doing this long enough that if someone doesn't see the value in a guarantee like this, they are probably not serious about building a long-term relationship with a reputable SEO provider.

This is totally fine, however, those kinds of business owners are not a good fit for the community and family we have built over the years. If you do see the value and it makes sense to have a conversation with us, here's how you can do so.

Want To Know More About Our Services?

Time to take action. Here's your next step:

We know how hard it can be to trust a new  consultant, shift your SEO strategy or hire a SEO Company for the first time in the digital space. So here's how we've made your next step easy and risk free.


Apply for a free SEO audit & video analysis.


We research everything:

  • Online Growth Opportunities

    This includes keyword research to identify organic traffic opportunities, competition gap analysis & SEO strategies to increase your position across keywords on Google and other major search engines.
  • Website Roadblocks

    What is and isn't working on your website... PLUS the hidden opportunities for fast growth.
  • Competitor Takedown

    Using advanced tools, we'll show you exactly how others in your industry are ranking - and provide an outline to outsmart the ones beating you.
  • SEO Strategy Implementation

    We'll outline if you are a good fit for our SEO services and what changes are required to increase visibility.

Once we have a greater understanding of elements that need to be fixed, we see growth potential for your online presence and feel we're a good fit, we'll provide an outline of the SEO strategy to execute.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a no-obligation offer and your information & everything you give us will be treated with utmost confidence.

We are a Google Partner. We have a direct relationship with their team in Australia.

Google Ads
Video Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Analytics
  • Video Advertising

Your Questions Answered

Does SEO still work in 2023?

The growth of Google isn't about to slow down anytime soon, and SEO Brisbane along with it:

  • Google is the most visited website by people typing in an array of keywords. It processes over 8 billion searches a day (source: Internet Live Stats, 2022)
  • Almost half of all product keyword searches begin on Google.
  • 90% of people say they were likely to click on the first set of results (sites) on Google after searching for their keywords (source: Searchengineland, 2018)


SEO is changing... Social Media plays a more significant part these days. 

People will often discover your business or products on Facebook or Instagram first, and then SEO serves as the conversion point!

It's important to remember this... while this isn't as important for local-based businesses, it is 100% relevant for eCommerce SEO and National companies. 

The other thing is... SEO is constantly changing. 

Many SEO specialists don't understand how Google's algorithm has evolved and proclaimed, "SEO is dead". However, the exact opposite is true. For those who understand how to rank a website, it's still the most incredible gold mine since the inception of the Yellow Pages for business owners.

What SEO packages do you offer?

We have stand-alone SEO packages which you can learn more about on our SEO Services page.

Or you can get in touch with our team and discuss a full SEO campaign.

How much does SEO cost?

The answer to this question is very similar to the above question.

Check out our full answer on our SEO pricing page. However, the quick answer to this question is as follows:

Local SEO prices usually start at $995/month (larger, more competitive suburbs will be more). Major City / National / International SEO campaigns start at $2,000 per month to $10,000+ per month. A one-time consultation starts at $5,000 and execution of findings by a qualified SEO expert is charged at $150+GST/hour.

How do you work with clients?

SEO is all about trust and meeting expectations.

If you've been ripped off, the SEO company may have broken this golden rule.

That's why we offer a free strategy session to get our relationship on the right foot.

This strategy session outlines your opportunity online, recommendations across hundreds of ranking factors, simple steps to rank and investments required to execute everything.

You will discover:

  1. Top-level keyword research: Where to find ready-to-buy prospects online (and proven ways to put your business in front of them)
  2. Technical SEO: What is and isn't working on your website.
  3. Competitor Research: How to beat competitors using their tactics (by simply doing things better)

Step 1: A simple, 90-day hands-off digital marketing strategy & quote to implement.

Step 2: Our SEO Consultants identify the kind of SEO campaign required. The most important thing is to get the structure of the SEO campaign right in this step. Formulation of the right SEO strategy is of utmost importance to get the full benefits of our work.

Step 3: Our SEO specialist executes the outline and keeps all lines of communication open to provide feedback to reach the agreed-upon goal.

Who creates the content in your digital marketing agency?

We have the following team that takes care of all your content needs.

1) Content Strategists

These team members understand the connection between content & SEO. It's not just about creating content to rank your website. You need to understand keyword clusters, entities & keyword density to ensure the content ranks. Our content specialists take care of all of this.

2) Degree Qualified Writers

All of our writers are degree-qualified. Many completed their degrees at the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland, both Brisbane-based. All of our writers are part of our team. Not outsourced or overseas contractors. Our content isn't about just putting any word on a page to help rank on Google, and our writers know engagement is a priority to understand what it means to produce quality content (especially after the BERT update).

We train our writers to understand SEO to give you the best possible content that sells.

What sort of backlinks do you build?

We don't have a pre-determined amount of backlinks we build as part of our plan.

We only build the links you need.

It's quality over quantity.

The days of building thousands of backlinks are over.

We study your competitors to see what's required at a minimum and then do it better for our clients.

Here's the good news.

This saves you budget, keeps your site safe, and gets you results fast.

We have access to every type of link type under the sun:

  • Citations
  • Web2.0 Properties
  • Domain Authority Stacks
  • Guest Blogging
  • Sponsorship
  • Editorial
  • Relationship-based Backlinks
  • Acknowledgment Backlinks
  • Free Tool Backlinks
  • Badge Backlinks
  • Organic Blog Comments
  • Press Releases
  • Infographic Outreach

and much more...

Speak to our Brisbane SEO experts to identify the link building your campaign requires to rank in Google search results.

In short, the link push required to show up in search results comes down to 3 phases:

Our approach to SEO services in Brisbane employs white hat, technical SEO & link building. These are SEO practices Google encourages (unlike black hat SEO used by many SEO companies).

And on a side note: many Digital Agencies we've seen don't provide reports on their work like the report you'll get from us each month because they are scared to report on shady techniques and links (if any even get built...).

What SEO Tools Do You Use?

Whatever helps us increase website traffic, repeat visitors and increase success for clients.

We have access to and utilise all the basic tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog etc.

Keeping in mind these are the general tools, we also have access to in-house developed SEO tools that help us understand more advanced things like user intent, topic clustering and analysis of queries to help us make educated decisions.

What is the history of SEO Brisbane?

While we'd like to say Websites That Sell was one of the first in the game, this isn't true. Don't get us wrong... our founder, David Krauter, launched his very first website in 2007... however, our company wasn't established until 2013. Having said this, the first internet connection across major cities in Australia (including Brisbane) was launched in 1989. A few years later, Google launched in the US in 1995. Then, finally, in December 2022, Google.com.au was born, and with it, Search Engine Optimisation for Brisbane companies. Back then, it was the wild west, and keywords such as "Search Engine Optimisation Company" would have been foreign to most local companies. However, just a few short years later, business owners started catching on, and now SEO Brisbane is one of the most competitive industries to rank in.

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