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We are a Brisbane SEO Company that helps business owners drive more traffic. more leads. more sales! (not just rankings) via their website & Google.

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Websites That Sell:A Results Driven SEO Company

We are a leading SEO Company in Brisbane. "Results For Clients" is our true north. We achieve results by ranking websites on major search engines and turn these rankings into "ready-to-buy" traffic, phone calls & sales. As part of our SEO services, we track, measure & report on everything we do & achieve.

Foundational SEO Campaign

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

Measuring SEO / SEO Results

  • We track, measure & report on everything.
  • Rankings, Organic traffic & Conversions.
  • Completed technical SEO & off page SEO strategies
  • 24/7 real-time, cloud based reporting portal

PLUS monthly SEO strategy input from our Brisbane SEO specialists.

Case Studies

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Meet Your Team

Sanjay Maharjan
"I started in seo back in 2008"Specialisations:
  • Technical SEO
  • Comprehensive Site Audit
  • Best SEO Practices
  • Comprehensive Audit
Anna Buck
"Creating quality content since the 90's!"Specialisations:
  • Strategic Content Writing
  • User Experience Flow
  • Weaving SEO Principles Into UX Design
  • Website Planning And Wireframes
David Krauter
"I've seen every Google update to date - right from the beginning..."
  • Effective SEO Strategy Formulation
  • Web Design For Successful SEO strategy execution
  • In Depth Keyword Research
  • User's search query/page matching
  • SEO marketing

Why Work With Us?

513 Million+ in Generated Sales

Our focus isn't just rankings... but rather revenue generating SEO results across your SEO campaign.

564 Clients (and counting)

Clients love us because we get execute high quality SEO campaigns. Plus we track, measure & report on everything we do.

13 Years Experience

You get 13+ Years of Brisbane SEO experience & a wealth of Online Marketing Experience.

Free Strategy Session

You get a free, no-obligation, 100% confidential SEO strategy & competitors analysis outline (and a sneak peak at our full process).

We are also a Google logo partner & digital marketing experts. We have a direct relationship with their team in Australia.

We are also a Google logo partner & digital marketing experts. We have a direct relationship with their team in Australia.

  • Google Ads
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  • Analytics
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  • Video Advertising
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Ready For Your FREE SEO Website Audit?

Unhappy with your current Brisbane SEO strategy or you'd like to engage with Brisbane's No.1 SEO company for the first time?

One of our search engine optimisation specialists will discuss keywords for your industry, SEO opportunities, suggest a SEO strategy to grow your business and send it in an easy to understand and quick video review to you (others charge up to $500 for this).

SEO Campaign Options

We grow your business online. No matter the size!

local SEO illustration

Local SEO

Local search for local business owners = SEO Brisbane on a local Level. Read More

national SEO illustration

National SEO

Business Owners wanting to rank on the first page of Google in major cities. Read More

international SEO illustration

International SEO

Companies wanting to rank on the first page of Google in multiple countries. Read More

Want To Start A Search Engine Optimisation Campaign?

Here's Your Next Step:

We know how hard it can be to trust new SEO consultants or hire a SEO Company for the first time, so here's how we've made your next step easy and risk free.

Apply for a free SEO audit & video analysis.


We research everything:

  • Online Growth Opportunities
    Includes keyword research to identify organic traffic opportunities, competitor gap analysis & SEO strategies to increase positions across Google and other major search engines.
  • Website Roadblocks
    What is and isn't working on your website. PLUS the hidden opportunities for fast growth on Google.
  • Competitor Takedown
    Using advanced tools we'll show you exactly how competitors in your industry are beating your website - and provide an outline to outsmart them.
  • SEO Strategy Implementation
    We'll outline if you are a good fit for our Brisbane SEO services and what changes are required to achieve SEO results.

Once we have a greater understanding of issues & improvements needed, we see growth potential for your online presence and feel we're a good fit, we'll provide an outline of the SEO strategy to execute.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a no-obligation offer and your information & everything you give us will be treated with utmost confidence.

Do Our SEO Services Get Results in Search Engines?

Good question. You be the judge... here's what clients have said about the SEO success delivered by us.

  • When I started working with Websites That Sell I was only selling 1 box of supplements a month, now I have a warehouse and staff in running the business in under 12 months. We first set up an SEO campaign of $4,000 and once the campaign was executed I started generating a return of $45,000 per month. I can highly recommend Websites That Sell for SEO. They are a pleasure to work with & David is among the best consultant I have worked with.

    Jaxon Calder

    Jaxon Calder, Lean for Life

  • We've engaged the guys at Websites That Sell ongoing for our SEO needs. The first time we worked together they helped us dominate the first page of Google. We achieved 39 first page rankings (14 #1's, 6 #2's and 9 #2's) for our local security screens company. The beauty is that the work they deliver is of high quality and gets long term results! I happily and highly recommend them to anyone as SEO experts that possess credibility because they deliver best SEO success."

    Cameron Tilbrook

    Cameron Tilbrook, East Coast Screens

  • Thanks to the crew at Websites That Sell who provided quality SEO work, insights & knowledge for us. They played an integral part in securing #1 Google rankings in multiple locations around Australia. As a result we've been able to grow our sales to a recurring 7+ Figures a year for our Bookkeeping firm that services Brisbane businesses. The level of work is highly professional, reporting is on point and the best we've received in the industry."

    Richard Darcy

    Richard Darcy, Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services

  • The guys from Websites That Sell and their SEO Services helped us increase our traffic to our website by 3,704% and increases sales from zero to $3 Million in Less than 2 years. . Incredible knowledge of every element and areas of SEO. We've seen great results backed by good old quality customer service. I look forward to our next campaign.

    Alan Thompson

    Alan Thompson, Crystal Pools

  • Websites That Sell's SEO and ability to rank in major cities resulted in our first $90K of sales in a single week. We are now in No.1 spots across every major city in Australia. The team is a pleasure to work with and always quick to respond. The customer service experience has been a breath of fresh air. Highest recommendations. Thanks.

    Beau Schutz

    Beau Schutz, AOT Services Group


5 star reviews + what others say about our Brisbane seo campaigns:

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Daniel Frecker
five star reviews

Our organisation has used Websites that Sell for many years for website design, SEO and all things marketing. They have been incredible flexible, professional and helpful. There is never a problem too hard for their team and they always execute incredible results. They are friendly, easy to work with and always diligent. They have done this all at incredible value, and we see every dollar spent incredibly worth it. If you are looking for a company to help with anything to do with your website or SEO, I cannot recommend David and the team enough!

author profile Sam image
Sam Rogers
five star reviews

Dave & the team at Websites That Sell really care about your business and Search Engine Optimisation needs. If you need SEO for Brisbane or beyond, make sure you get in touch. These guys are number one!

author profile J image
Joe Ottaway
five star reviews

I am extremly happy with the SEO work done by David and his team! They have got my website to number 2 position on Google local searches in just 3 months. They have also done some other work on my website which was all handled very quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend David and his team!
Thanks, Joe Ottaway

See More Reviews

Your SEO Brisbane Questions Answered

Why SEO?

SEO Brisbane works!


Ranking in the search engines has more or less become the holy grail for delivering new customers by our marketing agency.


Hands down, traffic from our online marketing services, particularly search engine optimisation SEO (for the right keywords) gives a business more visibility & targeted customers than any other media online.


Search engine results trump any other social media or offline advertising avenues - no matter what industry you operate it.


Our team has worked on over 500 search engine optimization campaigns, and businesses ' feedback about our SEO Services Brisbane is the same every time.

  • Yes, Facebook is massive and a great way to generate a good amount of organic traffic & enquiries.
  • Yes, Instagram gives you a big amount of exposure.
  • But nothing compares to the quality of leads & success that SEO Brisbane provides via the search results.

This is not just theory...


One of our long term customers put it like this "It takes more than 10 leads from FB to get close to the quality of one of our SEO leads generated via Google search".


And that's the power of SEO Brisbane. Especially executed based on thorough keyword research.


Think about it... where do you go if you are looking for a company or to buy a specific product. Or you're looking to solve a problem. If you're anything like the billions of people searching on the web every day you don't go to Social Media. And let's face it... the days of Yellow Pages are long gone!


Your business on the search engines is the final piece of the puzzle that will provide the way to more leads, enquiries & sales.

How Do You Work With Your SEO Clients?

Step 1: Our SEO Firm offers a free strategy session to outline what activities are required to ensure business success & maximum impact. In this strategy session & market research report we identify:

  • keyword research: where to find ready-to-buy prospects online (and proven ways to put your business in front of them)
  • what is and isn't working on your website. (what changes do we need to make at an onsite SEO level.)
  • how to beat the competition using their own tactics (by simply doing things better)
  • a simple, 90-day hands-off execution plan & quote of the above.

The purpose of these sessions is for you to understand how everything works and if what we show you matches what you're after.


Step 2: Our SEO Consultants identify what range of SEO investment is required and provide a proposal based on data gathered in the review, the marketing budget available and the client's business needs. The most important thing is to get the structure of the SEO campaign right in this step. It's the thing everyone gets wrong but the true value in our work comes into play.


Step 3: Our Brisbane team executes the outline and stays in constant communication to ensure we reach the goal and objectives agreed upon via our SEO Brisbane services. This constant testing, fixing issues identified in the research, optimising your business for the right metrics and launching the SEO campaign for quick wins first and long term results next (focusing on your interests and ROI as a priority). From there we need to make sure your site continues to gain authority and stays optimised for google s algorithm and ongoing algorithm updates using cutting edge SEO techniques.

What SEO Packages Do You Offer?

Our SEO Brisbane Agency offers specific Search Engine Optimization packages/plans for:

  1. The local business owner wanting to rank in a specific suburb(s).
  2. We have big city campaigns for search queries in major cities.
  3. And we have a complete SEO game plan for national domination - where a lot more power & investment may be required.

The types of SEO campaigns we run and SEO process/SEO techniques we utilise depends on what businesses are trying to achieve, changes needed and investment required.


All solutions follow Google's rules.


In regards to the above packages in some cases, you'll still fall outside of the above outline. To help choose the best package for you and to get the best return on investment, please give us a quick phone call and book an SEO consultation.


We'll discuss your target market, what your keyword targeting should be, based on our keyword research, and which marketing strategies to employ (eg. content marketing, lead generation, and other SEO tactics to increase web traffic). Based on this information and our recommendations you'll see how big your Google opportunity is, and an outline of the right techniques & methods you'll need to take action and reach your goals.


We can't work with everyone. So for validation purposes, the first step to qualify for free advice & phone consultation is to complete our enquiry form here. Well then gather everything to outline the direction/recommendations and chances of a searcher finding your website.


Please note: We use our SEO tools to ensure all strategies employed in packages are white hat as per the best practice rules, to ensure your website has a natural backlink profile.  This is essential for best SEO performance and to achieve results SEO. The team also keeps track of Google Algorithms & algorithm updates and how these things could affect search engine optimisation in Brisbane.


Final consideration & advice: you won't get the approach we offer from cheap "results SEO Deals" we have a top-level SEO with integrity, work on each Brisbane SEO campaign, to ensure goal completions are achieved, and at the end you the business owner received an effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign.


We become more like a business partner who actually cares about having everything in place to best help you reach business goals.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO and to rank in search engines will depend on your individual situation. For a local SEO campaign (which includes map listings & optimisation) perfect for local Brisbane businesses, prices start at $995/month (larger more competitive suburbs will be more). Major City / National / International SEO campaigns range from $2,000 per month to $10,000+ per month - depending on the industry. A one time consultation starts at $5,000 and implementation of findings by a qualified SEO expert is charged at $150/hour. We provide this transparent pricing in order not to waste your time or ours.

What is affordable SEO Brisbane?

winner trophy illustration

SEO requires a budget.


It is how you look at that cost and how you put that number into perspective that will determine the affordability. If a campaign costs $995 and generates one customer to the value of say $500 a month, the campaign would not be affordable even though it's cheap SEO.


However even if a campaign price is $5,000 a month, and it generated 100 customers to the value of $1,000 each - it wouldn't be a lot at all. Quite the opposite it would be cheap. 5K to make 100K - that's a profitable investment.


The focus and attention shouldn't be on the cost but rather on the ROI of your digital marketing!

What is Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane & How Does It Work?

website elements and mechanism illustration

Search Engine Optimisation, particular SEO Brisbane, is the process executed by an SEO company to get your website found on a search engine results page like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Who Creates The Content In Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Our SEO Brisbane Company keeps all content creation in-house, right here in Australia. Not only do our writers understand online marketing, but they are also search engine optimisation SEO experts themselves.


This gives you two benefits.


Every piece of content needs to drive results, unlike other Brisbane SEO companies we don't just write content for the sake of writing content. Content gets created based on keyword research and written in a way so the major search engines rank the content and rather than the SEO content just being an SEO strategy, it's designed to become part of your overall digital marketing strategy.


The philosophy of our Content SEO Technique Is Different To Any Other of the SEO Companies in Brisbane.


Having our writers locally on the ground means we are able to discuss your objectives and better understand your digital marketing needs. Our writers know engagement is a priority and are well versed at writing content that engages & converts (especially after the BERT update).

Why Choose Websites That Sell for Search Engine Optimisation Services?

Here's what sets us apart from other Brisbane SEO companies:

  1. We are marketers first and SEO geeks second!

That means you don't just deal with an account manager or someone that knows a little info about our Brisbane SEO services. Our SEO experts don't just know how to rank... they understand digital marketing as a whole. That's why our Seo Company gets results, not just the first page of Google results... but more traffic, more enquiries, and more sales! In addition, unlike other SEO agencies, every person that works on your SEO campaign is an SEO specialist - with years of experience

  1. No Lock-In Contracts!

We work on a month-by-month basis, in the unlikely event you're ever not happy (even just a little bit) or your situation changes call us or send us an email and we'll quickly & courteously put your digital marketing and Brisbane SEO campaign on hold.

  1. You get results, or we work for free.

We've been doing search engine optimisation for a long time. We're so confident in our Brisbane SEO experts and in the SEO strategies we execute, that we back this promise with a "you get results or we work for free" guarantee.

Does SEO Still Work In 2022?

The growth of Google isn't about to slow down anytime soon and SEO Brisbane along with it:

  • Google is the most visited website by people typing in an array of keywords. It was visited 62.19 billion times in 2019 (source: Similarweb, 2019)
  • Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day (source: Internetvestats, 2019)
  • Almost half of all product keyword searches begin on Google.
  • 90% of people say they were likely to click on the first set of results (sites) on Google after searching for their keywords (source: Searchengineland, 2018)

The key to tapping into the profit potential of Google, however, all depends on choosing the right Brisbane SEO Agency.


As per the proof on this page you'll see, the kind of results our Brisbane SEO services have and still achieve to this day.


When executed by an experienced company like us, SEO still works today.


NOTE: search engines have changed over the years and will continue to change, if your SEO company does not keep up to date with the latest algorithm changes, then it may feel like SEO isn't a viable marketing strategy anymore.


That's why one of our digital marketing agency values is "Constant Growth" we are constantly testing, re-investing, and refining our SEO strategies to keep our client's websites on the first page of Google search and other major search engines.

What Sort Of Backlinks Does Your SEO campaign contain?

The philosophy behind our backlink building is to keep things as natural as possible. Therefore, the link building strategy executed by our Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation team totally depends on your websites, the current online presence of your Brisbane business, and your website's current position. You can request an audit of your website here and our Brisbane SEO experts will identify the exact link building your campaign requires to rank in Google search results.


In short, the link push requires to show up in search results comes down to 3 phases of Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation:


SEO Campaign (Phase One): Foundational links to build your online presence & visibility

  • Brand Visibility Links (perfect for brand exposure)
  • Common Competitor links
  • Local Foundation

SEO Campaign (Phase Two): Increase your Relevance & Domain Authority backlinks

  • Web 2.0
  • Multimedia

SEO Campaign (Phase Three): Authority Links

  • Outreach & Content
  • Infinity in-content links on keyword-focused pages

These links are attained in order to build authority funnelled from other web pages & sites (they aren't available to just anyone). They are all quality links. 1 of these links is more powerful than hundreds even thousands of easy to attain links.


Our approach to SEO services in Brisbane employs white hat, technical SEO & link building. These are SEO practices Google encourages (unlike black hat SEO employed by many SEO companies).


And on a side note: the reason other SEO agencies don't provide reports on their work like the report you'll get from us each month is that they are scared to report on shady links (if any even get built...).

What Online Marketing Services Do You Offer?

Our SEO Agency offers specific Search Engine Optimisation services (to get found in search results by employing SEO techniques) as well as other website services.


The types of SEO campaigns we run and SEO techniques we utilise depend on set KPIs discussed during the initial SEO consultation.


All of our SEO services follow Google's guidelines.


Our SEO specialist can't work with everyone. So for validation purposes, the first step to qualify for a free technical SEO audit is to complete our enquiry form here. Well then gather everything to outline how to attract more search engine traffic.


You won't get the approach we offer from cheap "SEO Deals" and too good to be true offers. We are a reputable Brisbane SEO agency and a team of true SEO specialists - we don't use fly-by-night SEO techniques. Our approach may take time & investment, however, each SEO campaign or executed SEO strategy drives results and results in a profitable SEO campaign.


Our SEO Agency becomes more like a reliable supplier of organic traffic, leads & sales - we become your trusted SEO Brisbane specialists.

How Do You Work With Clients?

SEO Brisbane is all about trust.


That's why the first step our Brisbane SEO company offers is free strategy sessions to give you an overview of the search results, SEO techniques required and the full marketing strategy to be executed by our SEO team.


This strategy session gives you your digital marketing blueprint which also outlines all technical SEO aspects of the campaign. In this strategy session & market research report we'll complete:

  • Top-level keyword research: Where to find ready-to-buy prospects online (and proven ways to put your business in front of them)
  • Technical SEO: What is and isn't working on your website. (what changes do we need to make an onsite SEO level.)
  • Competitor Research: How to beat the competition using their own tactics (by simply doing things better)
  • A simple, 90-day hands-off digital marketing strategy & quote to implement.

The purpose of this session is for you to understand how digital marketing works and if what we show you matches what you're after.


Step 2: Our SEO Consultants identify the kind of SEO campaign required. The most important thing is to get the structure of the SEO campaign right in this step. Formulation of the right SEO strategy is key to your Brisbane SEO company making SEO work.


Step 3: Our SEO specialist executes the outline and stays in constant communication to ensure we reach the goals agreed upon.


SEO Services Brisbane Overview

Our SEO services can work in various ways. Some clients simply require technical SEO services completed by SEO Brisbane specialists. Others want a full SEO strategy from start to finish. And want us to become their SEO agency and run their Brisbane SEO Campaign. Whether you require a one-off execution or a full SEO agency approach to running your digital marketing the focus will always be to deliver digital marketing that gets results.

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