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We are an SEO Agency based in Brisbane. We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation that's transparent & proven to rank websites #1 on Google. 

Our average SEO client has been with us for 9 years. That's because our team knows how to get long term results. When working with us, it's like you're looking through our office window. You see exactly what our SEO experts do each month and how our SEO services improve your website rankings.

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We believe SEO isn't just about rankings. We believe SEO should also generate new leads and sales. Read these case studies that show you how we achieve this for our clients in Brisbane.

Case Study 1

Local Content Strategy Takes Website Into The #1 Position On Google.

The Problem

This client, based in Bardon, had no presence in the search engines for searches relevant to their business.

The Solution

Start a content marketing campaign combined with a targeted local SEO strategy.

The Strategy

Create a content piece that would tap into information Brisbane residents would want to know and utilise the SEO budget to make the piece rank.

The Result

No.1 ranking in the search results for a keyword that gets 720 monthly searches, and would have cost up to $5.43 per click using paid advertising.

Case Study 2

Search Engine Optimisation takes Brisbane based financial services company to 7 figures in recurring revenue.

Brisbane Company SEO Case Study 2
The Problem

The client had no presence in the Brisbane market.

The Solution

Build a Brisbane landing page and supporting hyper local suburb pages.

The Strategy

Increase the website relevancy to Brisbane terms and deploy a local link building campaign.

The Result

Top rankings for service related keywords. Organic traffic grew from 5,674 to over 14,632 unique visitors per year. Revenue growth from 6 figures to 7 figures per year.

Case Study 3

Google Business Profile generates 233 phone calls & 114 business directions in one month. 

Brisbane GBP Case Study
The Problem

While the client ranked organically on Google, the business had no visibility in the maps pack.

The Solution

Optimised the Google Business Profile. Create fresh content to feed into the profile. Build out local link profile.

The Strategy

Implement a Google Business Profile (GBP) specific SEO campaign.

The Result

The Google Business Profile generated 233 phone calls & 114 business directions in a single month!

The way we do SEO grows your business!

Having worked on over 385 digital marketing campaigns, we know how Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane works!

  • We ranked our first client in Brisbane back in 2013, and they still rank at the top today!
  • Our technical SEO specialists have a combined experience of over 30 years. We've weathered every Google update and are still here today.
  • We have local link partners. These give us the "holy grail" of backlinks, which other Brisbane SEO companies cannot access.
  • Our locally-based content writers understand the region and the local market. This means you don't have to spend hours reviewing or making sense of content that's either AI-generated or outsourced overseas.

Working with us is a pleasant experience and we get long-term results!

Meet Our SEO Experts

Camilla Hansen
"Swedish mafia SEO"
SEO strategising and execution
User Experience flow
Weaving UX design principles into SEO
Website planning and wireframes
Camilla Hansen
Luke Burrell
Content is King
Client relations
Digital marketing
Graphic design
Content coordination
Luke Burrell
Alannah Picking
Content is my happy place
Content strategy
Project management
SEO friendly copywriting
SEO Audits
Alannah Picking
Sanjay Maharjan
"I started in seo back in 2008"
Technical SEO
Comprehensive site audit
Best practices
Maintain SEO friendliness
Sanjay Maharjan

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Here's what's included with our SEO Services

We are a full-service digital marketing agency. This allows us to provide full campaigns or specific SEO services. This means you get to pick and choose exactly what you need and not pay for anything you don't.

Additional Services That Complement SEO

PPC Advertising

PPC Ads such as Google Ads or Facebook ads help you increase your market share across key sites your customers visit. We can help you get set up on these ad platforms as well as manage your campaigns for you.
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Content Creation

Our copywriting team will write new or provide improvements to your current content marketing efforts. We can also map out a full content strategy based on a content analysis of your target market and the customer journey. 
Learn More

Social Media Marketing

This is not a big factor that would determine your SEO success. However, we’ve seen a positive correlation between an active social media presence and rankings improving.
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Web Design

Our website design experts can help you improve the user experience of web pages and landing pages. We are well versed in conversion rate optimisation and we can help you boost your conversions as well.
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Web Development

Our web developers can help you with all the technical SEO stuff such as URL structures, Google Analytics & tracking integrations and other technical issues you may have with your website or systems; as well as general support to improve the overall website performance.
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frequently asked questions

How much does SEO cost?

The average cost of SEO in Brisbane across our clients in 2024 is $2,508+GST per month (we gathered this data by taking the average invoice amount across all our active clients in Brisbane)

Every campaign we take on has a standard set-up fee of $1,500+GST.

This cost will vary depending on the specific needs of a business.

Size: If a business wants to target multiple services, more content, optimisation & link building budget is required; therefore, more budget is needed.

Industry/Competition Level: Some industries are much more competitive than others. For example, we have worked with Plumbers in Brisbane, and the budget required to attain top spots was more than $5,000/month.

Geographic Size: Because Brisbane is a city, naturally, the competition is going to be higher. You can compare pricing to other areas we service by checking our Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast location pages.

We also worked with a Skin Cancer Clinic with multiple locations across Brisbane. The competition was less fierce than that of the plumbing industry, and therefore, the budget required for this campaign was only 2,200/month.

The other factor that may impact pricing is the content and level of optimisation included in packages.

If our writers are required to create content, it increases the campaign cost.

Typically, our Australian writers can produce a high-quality content piece in 4 hrs; our hourly rate is $150+GST.

Once we have achieved rankings goals, we either go into a less aggressive maintenance/support plan or advance further opportunities in the market.

How long does it take to see results?

Based on our testing, brand-new websites will take 6 to 12 months to see rankings results.

In our experience, for existing sites, even in competitive markets, we see ranking movements within the first 1-2 months and tangible results within 6-12 months.

We have found that while we can achieve tangible results within the first 12 months of an SEO campaign, websites start to gain critical mass within a market after 2-3 years of active SEO completed on the website.

Our testing shows that commercial intent keywords rank in top positions in the 2-3 year timeframe. However, due to the authority built up over the years, informational articles gain traction much faster. They rank on their own and start generating additional traffic.

How do you measure the success of an SEO campaign?

We have an in-house proprietary system that measures the success of an SEO campaign.

We apply a value to the target keywords and have specific mathematical calculations that determine a final weighing based on the level of ranking movements and the impact the result will make on the business.

We utilise data gathered from Google Search Console, GA4 and ranking data to determine our calculations.

This process generates a final score, which is compared to weekly & monthly KPIs to determine the campaign's success level at any given time.

In addition, we set ranking, traffic & conversion goals for each campaign.

Do you have a proven track record?

Yes. We've been running SEO campaigns in Brisbane since 2013.

Here is what some of our small business clients have said about our track record.

David and his team at Websites That Sell have just completed an extensive redevelopment of my blog for educators. I am thrilled with the results. His graphic designer produced stunning graphics to my specifications and his website developer also did an amazing job in putting it all together for me. David has now completed implementing their Secret Sauce SEO Package in the back end of my website. I have found David and his team to be extremely professional, helpful, friendly and a pleasure to work with. All work was delivered to my specifications in a very fast time frame. David has always been available and willing to answer any of my questions and give advice. I am very excited about the result and cannot thank you enough David for your help.

Irene Reardon

Websites That Sell have helped us with our SEO. we are a plumbing company operating north of Brisbane and after David built our site and completed a few months of their SEO services we are now ranking on the first page of Google for our main phrases.

Tim Warry - TW Plumbing

Here is what a few start-ups we have helped said about our track record:

David helped our business with SEO and setting up our business with a website which has had instant results getting inquiries in the first week. Dave has especially helped me with getting my head around how to rank on Google with SEO and understand the importance of running a website and using it as a funnel to add value to my business and generate more business around my local area and soon in the Brisbane area.

Craig Leddy - High-Performance Fitness

Here are specific case studies for Brisbane-based businesses that outline the strategies employed to get results:

How do algorithm updates impact your SEO strategies?

Our founder, David Krauter, has over 15 years of SEO experience. 

During this time, he has seen every algorithm update dating back to the Vince & Caffein update in 2009. 

Back then, our company had a responsive approach to algorithm updates. 

These days, we understand how search engines work and what they try to achieve. 

Based on constant testing and data we study, we can anticipate specific algorithm changes and adjust our strategies accordingly. 

Significant areas in our SEO strategies that have changed over the years include:

  • Link Building - change in where, how and what types of links we build. 
  • Content - We consistently refine how content can better answer users' intent.
  • Technical SEO - much has stayed the same here over the years.
  • On-Page Optimisation - the more SEOs try to manipulate ranking factors, the less effective some parts of on-page SEO have become. We have seen these changes over the years and adapted our processes accordingly.

Do clients get dedicated account managers?

You get direct access to our SEO specialists.

We do not outsource our SEO specialists overseas; they operate here on the ground, and you get to deal with them directly.

Our SEO specialists become your dedicated account managers who oversee your campaign. You can email, phone or visit us in the office to discuss your campaign.

Do you have experience in my industry?

Our founder has been helping companies in Brisbane rank for over 15 years.

Over this time, we have worked in every imaginable niche.

Each niche is different, and our testing has provided insights into strategies that work better in some industries than others.

We apply our experience, knowledge and testing to every new campaign.

This means your budget does not get wasted on us to learn about your industry or niche, as we likely already have industry experience.

What is your process for integrating SEO with other digital marketing strategies like PPC or social media?

One of the main things that sets Websites That Sell apart from other SEO agencies in Brisbane is that we are SEO specialists. However, we also employ specialists in PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Content.

The benefit for our clients is that we look at your marketing holistically.

What we do supports all other marketing rather than each marketing channel working on its own or, worse, working against one another.

That's why many of our SEO clients also hire us to manage their website, PPC campaigns, content & social media presence.

How does SEO work for businesses targeting multiple geographic locations?

We call this process multi-city SEO.

Over the past 10+ years, we have developed a system that consistently allows us to rank clients across multiple cities. It's one of our specialties.

We have tested and measured the exact site structures, interlinking and type of content required to rank a business in multiple geographic locations.

Using landing pages and intelligent interlinking of pages within the site, we consistently achieve rankings in multiple locations.

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