CASE STUDY: Results Driven SEO Campaign 5X's A Sunshine Coast Construction Firm's Growth

The Backstory:

Stilus Design & Construction, a local Sunny Coast-based construction company, engaged Websites That Sell to run a Sunshine Coast-based Search Engine Optimisation campaign for them. The brief was to generate more qualified leads in their local area using a combination of local maps and organic rankings on Google. In short, "send us more customers!"

SEO Campaigns Results:

Rankings: Top rankings for keywords that drive good volumes of traffic in their local area were achieved.

Stilus Rankings

Traffic: We helped the client increase new users to the website by 33.01% from one year to the next.

Stilus Traffic Increase

Lead Flow: The clients lead flow increased from 5-40 per month, consisting of a combination of phone call & website enquiries.

Business Growth: The client did not employ any other marketing strategies. This campaign helped the client increase business turnover 5 times.

Clients Comments: We interviewed Glen to comment on how his experience working with Websites That Sell, his SEO campaign and what difference this made to his business.

How We Achieved These Results

The SEO Strategy

  1. On-Page

We knew the key to getting results in a hyper-local market was to pick the right keywords that would generate phone calls & enquiries. We received a full brief outlining all areas the company could service and what their most profitable services were, and armed with this information, we began our keyword research and started mapping out the site's structure and content schedule.

We followed our systemised on-page SEO optimisation process to optimise the website's pages around these keywords.

Beyond this, we employed a range of silo and interlinking strategies. We paid close attention to cluster keywords/pages that were theme relevant to each service to build strong theme relevance across the website and within the silos.

  1. Technical SEO

We ran our website quality audit to identify the state of the site and ensured no technical issues would hold the site back.

  1. Offsite SEO:

We reverse-engineered the links that the competitors had and formulated a blueprint to match the links of the competition within three months. Beyond these three months, our link-building strategy was based on generating authority through outreach posts. This was designed to beat the competition and help the website maintain its top position.

Initially, we focused on hyper-local link building such as directories, Google My Business Listing, and Google Property Stacks. We then transition into authority link building to build the site's power.


This wasn't a super competitive industry to get results. We achieved top 3 rankings within 3-6 months for some of the less competitive keywords. The main keywords with high search volume started to hit the top spots within 6-12 months. However true growth came from the 12 month mark onwards as the sites content strategy started to gain critical mass.

With any SEO campaign it's important to remember that initial results will come quick, however 5X business growth as experienced by this client only comes over time and through consistent SEO efforts.