CASE STUDY: SEO Campaign Boosts Sunshine Coast Based eCommerce Store From A Few Local Sales To $7,000 In Sales A Week

The Backstory:

Keto Lean, a local Sunshine Coast based eCommerce store engaged Websites That Sell to run a eCommerce SEO campaign from the Sunshine Coast.


At the time, Keto Lean was mainly consulting and helping people with their weight loss and selling a few shakes as part of the process.


The goal was to capitalise on the growth the industry saw around the products the company had available and rather than just selling locally on the Sunshine Coast, expand into new markets across Australia.

SEO Campaigns Results:

Rankings: Within a few short months Websites That Sell was able to rank the website for their main term and over time, solidify rankings across variations of the keyword as well as new product keywords.

In total we were able to rank 10 commercial intent keywords in the top 3 positions with a combined search volume of 3,670 visitors a month.

Keto Lean Ranking Results

Traffic: In the beginning of the SEO campaign the focus was merely on ranking highly commercial intent keywords.


While the site saw great improvement in sales and traffic, the big increase in traffic came after implementing a content strategy to boost results across the board.


In 2022 the website grew by 216.85% in new organic website visitors compared to 2021.

Keto Lean Traffic Growth
Sales Growth: The clients sales went from a few local sales a week to over $7,000 in sales a week, purely from SEO.

Business Growth: This growth gave the client the cashflow to also invest into paid advertising via Facebook, Instagram and Google ads taking the business to completely new levels in addition to the growth experience by the SEO campaign.

Clients Comments: We went from finding it hard to help people in our local Sunshine Coast area to being able to help hundreds of people around Australia. We went from this business being a dream to now a reality. Websites That Sell has enabled us to connect with the right people online to fuel our growth.

How We Achieved These Results

The SEO Strategy

  1. On-Page

At the time the client had never invested into a eCommerce SEO campaign before, so on a onsite optimisation level we had a clean slate.


We created new product pages and with the client created content for these product pages.


After the content was ready to go we optimised all the usual aspects of a page to make the product page highly relevant to the terms we were targeting based on our keyword research process.


The key to the success of the on-page optimisation was not focusing in on the brand name of the product but rather the user intent of what the product did for them.

  1. Technical SEO

Since the site was relatively small at the time we didn’t need to complete a full website SEO audit. We ensure there were no technical errors that would potentially create a “hand break” like effect before moving onto the monthly rhythm of the SEO campaign.

  1. Offsite SEO:

This is where we saw the biggest initial wins for the campaign.


The industry was relatively new at the time of the campaign, we focus on high quality links that would give the site the power it needed but also relevancy in Googles eyes to the products that the client was trying to sell.


Our full link building strategy was a combination of local authority links, high quality outreach and brand related link placements.


Since the goal was to rank nationally for nationally based keywords, we did utilise local link building to build the companies authority and local presence, however the outreach links and brand placements carried the majority of power to get the wins.


As mentioned above, the niche the client operates in, at the time of the initial campaign was in its infancy state. The right SEO campaign moved the needle pretty quick.


This changed quickly though as the industry started to gain critical mass. Lots of competition moved in and emulated our strategy.


At this stage we rolled out a elaborate content strategy to build the authority of the website and traffic opportunities.


We increased the link building velocity to compete with the increase in competition.


This allowed the client to not only attract a wider audience, in addition to the commercial keywords the site was already driving traffic for, but also broader related keywords to help customers at all stages of the customer journey.


This allowed the client to not only maintain rankings but build the sites exposure dramatically.


It allowed the clients business to from from a local Sunshine Coast business to breaking into a national market.