CASE STUDY: Skip Bin Company Breaks Into Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Market Using SEO

The Backstory:

AOT Skip Bins started as a one man band company operating out of Adelaide. After having ranked the clients local business website the client realised he would soon be capped by the size of the local market. After strategising the right business model it was decided to build a multi city, multi location website under a new brand; Best Price Skip Bins was born.


After launching the website and engaging Websites That Sell to run a multi city SEO campaign the company started to gain rankings and a presence on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast. We used specific  Sunshine Coast based SEO strategies to rank in this region, leveraged our Brisbane SEO experience to get results in this area and a specific Gold Coast SEO strategy to break into this market also. As a result the new company was able to grow their revenue to consistent 90K weeks.

SEO Campaigns Results:

Rankings: The site started to rank into the top positions across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast for the main keywords that drove converting visitors.

Brisbane SEO ResultGold Coast SEO ResultSunshine Coast SEO Result

Traffic: In the 2022 financial year the site drove an average of 15,250 visitors every month.

Best Price Skip Bins Traffic Growth

Lead Flow: In addition to direct sales the site generates, the website generates on average 500+ phone enquiries every month.

Phone Call Conversion From SEO

Business Growth: Since the SEO campaign kickstarting the companies growth the client now heavily invests in paid and other organic marketing. At the time when SEO was the only strategy, SEO was responsible for driving up to 90K in revenue every week.

Clients Comments: We interviewed Beau to comment on his experience working with Websites That Sell, his SEO campaign and what difference this made to his business.

How We Achieved These Results

The SEO Strategy

  1. Content Creation
This was a brand new website, looking to break into new geographical markets in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Sunshine Coast. The business originally only operated in Adelaide so this site needed to be built with a national outlook to also break into additional markets further down the road. Landing pages for each geo region were built & created. While we have tested duplicate content across city pages we believe in longevity in campaigns so unique content was used across all landing pages. We used our strategic content relevance system, based on our keyword research services, to build out pages that Google absolutely loves and gain relevance for the keywords we were after very quickly.
  1. On-Page SEO
Since the content was written and strategically created, all we had to do on each page was apply basic on-page SEO optimisation to get the optimisation scores we needed to rank.
  1. Technical SEO:
Since we had built the site from the ground up the site was very well technically optimised, we didn't need to do a full technical SEO audit. We decided to build the site on a lightweight Wordpress theme with custom development to make the required functionality work.
  1. Offsite SEO
This is where the fun began, we applied a local link building approach (part of our link building services) on a landing page basis to build authority & relevance in the geo locations and applied a authority link building strategy to boost these pages as well as the rest of the sites authority.


The website started to gain traction after about 6-12 months. It was after 24 months of ongoing SEO where the site started to gain critical mass. Traffic shot through the roof after each of the location pages started to rank. However true breakthrough came after the content strategy and service pages started to rank and drive traffic on their own as well.


This is a very similar pattern we see across sites for SEO, good growth happens in the first 12 months, however where big ROI is seen across the campaign is from the 12-24 month mark.


If you are interested in a multi location campaign as outlined in this case study, get in touch with us on 1300 188 662 to have a SEO specialist outline how a multi city SEO campaign like this could work for your business too.