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SEO Services Have On Business Growth

"Increased traffic by 3,704% and sales from ZERO to $3 Million in less than 2 years for a local pool builder."

Crystal Pools

"Secured & held first page top positions across 6 major Australian cities, for a national garage door company. 2 years and counting..."

Steel Line

"Secured #1 Google Rankings In Multiple Locations & Recurring Sales Of 7+ Figures A Year For A National Bookkeeping Firm."

Darcy Bookkeeping & Business Services

"First Page Domination. 39 First Page Rankings (14 #1’s, 6 #2’s, 9 #3’s) For An Australian Security Screens Company."

East Coast Security Screens


David Krauter - SEO Consultant

Still here? Great... if you've read this far, I think it's time for me to officially introduce myself.

My name is David Krauter and I run a daring SEO company in Brisbane with a bunch of people that are well... mostly... far more talented than me.

Since 2007, we've been putting those big SEO agencies in Brisbane to shame.

(A quick unashamed brag while I've got your attention) At last count our SEO Services have helped 563 clients, in 137 different industries drive more traffic, enquiries & sales.

You can safely say we've had one or two people find us over the years using the good ole Google search bar... yes we actually rank our own website for Brisbane & search engine optimisation related terms (the nerve right?)

... Anyway, we're always looking for ways to win new clients over from those big evil (OK. Not evil... but less good) agencies.

So over the years this sparked an idea. An idea that's turned into a free & no risk way for you to make a better and more educated buying decision when it comes to choosing a Brisbane SEO Company.

But it is a little daring... so I won't be at all offended if your response is "Are you feeling ok?" or a more subtle "Let's make that plan B, shall we?"


Well, here's the idea:

Using this super secret spy software I can work out your competitors exact online marketing strategies, tactics, traffic numbers and best kept secrets...

If you'd like I can share this intel with you. I'll show you how to use the same strategies to beat them at their own game... (it works like a treat)

I told you it was daring!

It's my job to try and help you in any way I can, and sometimes that means thinking more creatively.

Do you think this idea has legs (and arms and other appendages)?

While I'd love for you jump up and down and tell me "YES! LET'S DO IT!" I understand that's probably me being a little optimistic.

However if I've piqued your curiosity *Fingers crossed* I've got two options for you:

Option 1 (MOST POPULAR): I record a video with all my Search Engine Optimization findings and recommendations and shoot it through to you. This is the simplest & fastest way to get this intel to you.

No effort on your behalf, no risk and nothing to lose.

If nothing else, I'll give you some ideas you're free to steal.

Option 2: Let's meet face to face. I'll treat you to coffee / lunch / tequila shots and we can talk a little more about your needs. I promise to be somewhat entertaining. You never know, I may even wear a Mexican moustache and sombrero.

If you're like most of our clients in Brisbane you're likely very busy - in which case "Option 1" will be your best choice

To request for me to complete the video analysis or to talk a little more about our services all you need to do is give our office a call on 1300 188 662 or hit the big blue "LET'S TALK" button below.

In the unlikely event I haven’t charmed you into submission by now, no worries. We can shelve my brainchild of an idea, and never speak of this moment again!

In that case you can click back to Google and continue the search for a suitable Search Engine Optimisation Company in Brisbane.

If that is the unadvised 3rd option you wish to choose, I’d like to take this moment to say thanks for visiting our website and best of success with your search engine optimization campaign.

So for now Adieu, Arrivederci & auf Wiedersehen.

Have an absolutely wonderful day.

David Krauter
Your hired gun / Interim head of stationery

PS: Wait. In case you feel bad for leaving me without ever saying hello or you just want some more info on what the bejeebies it is we actually do… I’ve had my team assemble the “dry version” below. (WARNING: we are SEO Geeks deep at heart). Keep scrolling down to engage in some heavy reading.

Search Engine Optimisation Will Drive More Qualified Customers
To Your Business Than Any Other Online Source:

And Our Team Knows Exactly What It Takes To Become No.1 In Google

Since 2007 we’ve helped Brisbane's business owners generate more traffic, enquiries & sales.

80% of our own client base comes from FREE organic traffic. 

Of course we also advertise on Google, Facebook & Offline (it’s not smart business putting all your marketing dollars in just one basket) - however the majority of our customers find us exactly the way you probably did today:

FREE DIRECTLY FROM GOOGLE! (via Search Engine Optimisation of Course)

We’ve worked through just about every Google algorithm update and our clients & own sites are still at the top today, just check... we're still ranking for SEO Brisbane related terms. That’s because we have a predictable, repeatable system that guarantees results.

Google SEO Ranking Factors

Here's The Kind Of Results
Some Of Our SEO Brisbane Clients Have Come to Enjoy:

RESULT: Increased sales from $0 to $3Million in Just 1 Year.

#1 for all Target Keywords in Google

3,704% increase in traffic in less than 2 years.

Increase average monthly website engagement from 0-640 visits per week.

Crystal Pools Brisbane
new website launch
SEO Brisbane Campaign
PPC & Paid Traffic

RESULT: Dominated Google in Multiple Locations & Reached Yearly Repeating Sales of $1 Million

Utilising Adwords & SEO Brisbane as a major traffic strategy the client has been able to build a 7 figure a year business.

Best SEO Services Case Study
Start of Campaign
Campaign Takeover
Ranking Results

RESULT: Total of 39 First Page Rankings

- 14 No.1’s, 6 No.2’s and 9 No.3’s.

Another one of Brisbane's SEO companies caused this clients rankings to disappear. After starting work with Websites That Sell not only did we recover his rankings, but ended up ranking the clients business for so many keywords he was able to stop all other advertising and add the savings onto his bottom line.

Local Brisbane Business - SEO Client
Launched New Website
Campaign Results from Search Engine Optimisation in Brisbane
Google Penalty Recovery (advanced SEO strategies)

How Can We Predictably Drive These Kind Of Results For Our Clients?

Watch David Krauter reveal Secret INTEL No Other Agency Would Dare Reveal...

Here's What It Takes To Get These SEO Results For Our Clients In Brisbane
Discover Our Proven, Repeatable & Time-Tested SEO System
Comprehensive Website Audit by our Brisbane SEO Company

Comprehensive Website Audit

In our website audit, we'll check your website for any search engine sticking points. We'll comb through every technical aspect to identify anything that may be hurting your website. Additionally we'll check the structure of your site and ensure it complies with the exact structure Google loves to see in Websites.

To get technical here's what we look at in the audit:

1) Check for pages with 4xx error status codes
2) Check for pages with 5xx status codes
3) Ensure your 404 error page is set up correctly
4) Ensure you have a robots.txt file available on your website
5) Make sure you have a .XML sitemap on your website.
6) Ensure pages with useful content are not restricted from indexing and low quality pages are restricted from indexing.
7) Make sure you have fixed www. and non-www version of your URL
8) Remove duplicate http/https versions.
9) Make sure 302 redirects are used correctly and justified.
10) Make sure 301 redirects are used correctly and justified
11) Remove Meta Refresh redirects from your website
12) Fix pages with incorrect rel=”canonical” tags
13) Make sure your website is mobile friendly!
14) Fix pages with duplicate rel+”canonical” tags.
15) Avoid Pages With Frames Where Possible.
16) Fix pages with W3C errors and warnings
17) Fix BIG and slow loading pages
18) Avoid the use of dynamic URL’s
19) Avoid too long URL’s
20) Fix broken internal links
21) Fix pages with excessive number of links
22) Fix empty title tags
23) Fix duplicate titles
24) Fix too long titles
25) Fix empty META descriptions
26) Fix Duplicate META descriptions
27) Fix too long META descriptions

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Analytics, Webmaster Tools Tracking Setup

You can’t improve what you don’t measure… right? That’s why we set up and integrate your analytics tracking into your website, we’ll set up and check over your webmaster tools to ensure all is working well. Then we’ll take baseline measurements to measure your success over the coming weeks and months.
Analytics, Webmaster Tools & Tracking Set Up
Mark Research

Brisbane's Market & Keyword Research

We have a proprietary in-house process to keyword research. First we determine your market and what you're really selling and then based on the actions your prospect is likely to take we'll target those phrases. Additionally we'll do our in-house "quick wins" research to quickly gain some traction with your campaign.

Big thing many business owners forget is that yes, it's good to rank for those big keywords. They are often the ones that drive a lot of the traffic in a SEO campaign.

However neglecting quick wins can delay ROI from SEO services and missed opportunity of buying traffic.

SEO is a long term gain but who doesn't like quick wins when they are ready to be taken advantage of?

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Competitors Strategy Analysis

Once we've got your baseline and keyword targets identified it's time to figure out what you're up against… but things don't stop there! We'll use our proprietary tools to research your competition and uncover their entire strategy. We'll then model and improve it to give your campaign a kickstart based on what's already working 😉

Brisbane SEO Company - Competitor Strategy Analysis
Onsite Search Engine Optimisation

Onsite Search Engine Optimization & Website Fixes

This is the most important aspect of your campaign we see too many agencies miss! You need to get your onsite optimisation and website compliant with Google's rules. If you don't… you'll be running an uphill battle. Times have changed and so has technology... We have proprietary SEO Brisbane software we employ which analyses the first 100 results for the keyword we are trying to rank for. Once we have this data it's as easy as tuning up a page to the exact measures Google is looking for in this niche, geo location and specific keyword. Make no mistake, a "set rules" onsite optimisation just doesn't work anymore. If you still rely on outdated SEO strategies such as following a set rules outlined by some "SEO GURU" on a blog you'll be left overspending on promotion without any results to show for it.
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Google Penalty Audit

We'll check your website for any Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird penalties. If you've ever done any kind of online marketing, more than likely, you'll have a penalty against your site. So we'll take care of this for you to ensure you get 100% from any and all the online promotion we complete for you.

The Good news is, the algorithm and penalties associated with it update in real time now. Which means we can complete any necessary website or on-page fixes to properly comply submit the site to be re-indexed and rankings can shoot up overnight. The same with link penalties, we can complete a full disavow file to discount any links you don't want pointing at your site (even though Google said they are already doing this - test after test on our end has revealed quicker increases in rankings after fixing the links manually) submit the file, get the links on the file re-indexed and rankings shoot up.

Having done many of these penalties we know exactly what moves the needle and will get your business ranking in Brisbane.

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Google Penalty Audit
Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

We’ll set up our Proprietary “Secret Sauce” System and set up your your content marketing plan.

We have Australian writers on staff, that will actually call you, discuss topics and ensure they are well informed about your business and the topic they are writing about.

The last thing you want is cheap outsourced writers who don't understand your business let alone the Australian culture and language. It's the quickest way to a disaster and your customer not understanding any of the content on your site.

We've seen this being done by many other SEO companies around Brisbane and it's just one of those roads we don't dare go down.

Does it cost us more to deliver quality English content? YES!

Does it diminish our margins in our own business? YES!

Does our content read well, convert customers and provide long term rankings? YES

We think it's an easy choice and one that could make all the difference in your SEO campaign.

While we get all the fundamentals in English writing right... our talented writers know how to create informative articles which are based on tested share factors to give each article maximum chance of attaining shares, likes, tweets and engagement for extra ranking boosts.

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User Experience Optimisation (UXO)

Once we’ve got your content marketing plan in place we’ll look at ways to improve user experience on your website. We’ll consult on ways to improve conversion rates, engagement tools to increase time on site and interaction with your business and website.
Link Building

We'll Make You Famous In Brisbane - Link Building, Outreach, Social Media & SEO Promotion

Our SEO Brisbane Team goes to work - let the promotion begin! We'll reach out to relevant high authority websites on the Internet for promotion and link opportunities for your business. Make sure your business is listed on relevant business directories. We'll create a newsworthy press release and distribute these via our online release partner channels and ensure your business has a social media presence via our social strategies... And of course... our in-house link building strategy, which we do not reveal in public (it's the magic potion our competitors hate... but secretly wish they knew about).
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