Fresh Update

Google's "FRESH" Update

Ok, so it's FRESH from the horse's mouth... Google's announced another update, which makes us as an SEO Firm very happy.


Because it aligns directly with the philosophy and vision we've built this company on.

The update is all about creating high-quality, up-to-date content.

Some big names in the SEO industry like Rand Fishkin, Mike King and Ben Will all agree that up-to-date content powered by an authoritative site will get the rankings.

There's talk of tapping into current events, becoming more social, blogging and even building forums...

The one option we see most viable for businesses big and small is adding a blog to their website.

It just makes sense...

Having a blog...

- gives your organisation a media to stay in touch with your customer and clients.

- It creates a place where your customers, clients and prospects are comfortable interacting with you.

- It lets you as an organisation build a stronger relationship with your customers and clients as you are in constant contact.

- It positions you as the expert of your industry as you are constantly up to date with what's happening in your market.

And YES! It keeps the big G happy... because you are constantly creating up-to-date "FRESH" content for the monster to feed on.

Rand and Mike in their latest post discussed how timestamps on your content are indicating to play a role in how your content is ranked... so this proves again, how beneficial this is for your company.

I think personally that this is a great move forward by google as it 'forces' people to become better marketers, create better content and clean up the Internet from all the noise that the spammers are creating.

At the end of the day, the way I see it, if you have a site with quality content, diverse backlinks all across the internet from authoritative high-quality sources and you stay up to date publishing quality content on a regular basis... you're covered and you'll benefit greatly from this update.

That's me done for another "fresh" post 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you on page 1.

David Krauter.