Get Google TRUST = Higher Search Engine Rankings

Google Trust...

Still the #1 Factor For Quality Traffic From The Search Engines

Here's another article I found after scouring one of our very early websites… this article was originally posted way back on the 1st of October 2010! And here's why I'm reposting it…

Everything we discussed and taught our subscribers & clients still works today - in fact, it's more important today than ever. Apart from the fact that since this article was posted Google released several algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird) which made sure only these strategies work - it's just good online marketing to follow the advice given in this article.

So without further adieu...

Here's 5 Easy Ways To Gain More Authority On The Internet (And In Google's Eyes)

If you have an authoritative website it will have a big influence on your search engine rankings. So the big thing you’ve got to do is gain TRUST from the search engines!

So how do you do this? We’ll it is not a walk in the part, but as with anything else, if you do it the right way, you’ll be rewarded. In this case with the trust which = higher search engine rankings which = more cash in your bank account.

So here are 5 ways to gain googles trust and increase your search engine rankings:

1) Get Authority Links

The biggest thing you want to get is backlinks from authoritative websites. These are websites that are already very established and in Google's eyes have authority in the market. Getting links from these sites will pass on big link juice to your website. But the fact of the matter is that it is… most of the time, near impossible to get backlinks from these sites.

So… what does this mean? We’ll have to settle for less?

It’s kind of a Yes and No answer… You see, there’s not much chance you’ll get a direct link from these authority websites, however, the good news is that if the Trust website 1 links to another website (website 2) and then website 2 links to yours — the trust factor gets passed through. So you’ll still receive some trust.

2) Make your links relevant

Google loves relevancy, so if sites that cover similar topics link to your site, it’s seen in googles eyes as relevant. Because the search engines see your site as a good resource addition to the particular topics these sites cover.

3) Linking To Spam Is Your Death

Don’t link to spam websites… As Internet marketers, spammers make our lives very hard. Not only that, they are annoying! Don’t you hate getting spam mail or getting to sites which has absolutely no content?

Well so does google, and as soon as you link to spamming sites, your trust factor will experience a quick downfall.

4) Social Networks Are All The Buzz

Get your sites out there on the social networks and do a little social media marketing. Create Backlinks from your Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Stumble account. If people like your links it’s proven to also have a positive effect on the trust factor your website has with the engines.

5) Have Depth In Your Properties.

What I mean by this, is not to just have a one-page site. Have pages with relevant content, blog posts, contact pages.
The better resource you provide the more of an authoritative source you will present to the search engines. And search engines love to present websites with good content and lots of unique information in the search engines.

SIDENOTE: The depth of your website is so important that over the remainder of the year I’ll be dedicating the majority of my time developing deep, deep, deep websites which will literally crush the competition more info here — and take local lead generation to a whole new level. Stay tuned to this one, as I report back on the results — It’ll blow you away when you see this in action.

But back to the topic, as you can see above I presented 5 ways you can gain googles trust and build an authority source in the crowded marketplace, and boost your search engine ranking.