How The New Google Is Going To Change The Internet Forever

Another Throwback Post - and again... everything that was forecasted back in 2010 has either come to pass or is now in full swing at the ole Google headquarters. I've done a quick update on what to watch out for and recorded it in a video for you.

Check it out below before reading this throwback article from 2010.

Back in the wild west days of the Internet anyone who even knew a little bit about search engine optimisation could game the google algorithm and get page 1 rankings.

For a local business, it was a Gold Rush that left the Yellow Pages for dead...

All that was needed was a few spammy links and overstuffing of keywords on the page.

Well… those days are long gone!

The Internet has changed and with it Googles’ algorithm.

But! The opportunity for local business owners is still there… while the ease of entry has changed a bit, with the right knowledge and strategies SEO bar none is still the most profitable media to drive quality leads to a business.

Now, what do these changes mean for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers wanting to rank for their desired keywords?

Do the old skool link building techniques such as article marketing, blog commenting, forum posting, profile creation, social bookmarking, video marketing and podcast marketing still work?

Well… Yes and No!

They still work to an extend and still are all viable ranking strategies.

But Google is evolving and with this evolution comes the new web — It’s web 2.0… And if you don’t get social, you’ll be left behind!

What this means for SEO is basically that if you don’t have anything constructive and interesting to say… you’re not going to all that many links!

Personally, I think this will clean up the web from a lot of the “spammy” content, and genuine people with genuine products and services on offer who constructively contribute to online conversations are going to win.

That’s what the change in google for 2011 and beyond means. The web is getting more interactive.

We’re going back to Business 101 – Relationship Building.

The money… or rather the links, which still to date is the major ranking factor in all search engines, will be in building relationships and socially interacting in the marketplace.

Everything in the evolution of Google’s algorithm has been pointing towards this.
The relevancy factor, the unique content factor and now the activity factor.

It has set the way up for instant search results and is making way for the new web.

So for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers this means that no longer is throwing a few links out there going to be enough to rank. The true players that are going to succeed from this change will be the ones getting back in touch with their market, listening and joining into their customer's conversations and adding value… which is really what true customers service has always been about!

Let us know what you think too and comment below! Enjoy!

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