Hipages vs SEO: A Comparison Between Using Hipages And Getting Your Own Website Found on Google

SEO vs hipages

If you're a tradie, chances are you've grappled with a pressing dilemma: to tap into platforms like Hipages for immediate visibility or to invest time and money into mastering the mysterious world of search engine optimisation, especially local SEO.

If terms like "keyword research" or "bounce rate" make your head spin faster than a drill, or if you've ever wondered why another local business pops up first on Google, you're in the right place.

Dive in with us as we settle the debate between the instant leads of Hipages and the long-haul rewards of local search engine optimisation.

Key Takeaways

  • Difference between Hipages and SEO: While Hipages offers a quick and cost-effective entry for new local businesses, SEO stands out as a long-term strategy that delivers organic growth and deepens customer relationships.

  • Benefits of SEO: By choosing SEO, tradies can enjoy exclusivity in leads, direct customer relationships, consistent costs irrespective of lead count, and the potential to build a robust online presence that can be boosted further with complementary strategies.

  • Investing in growth: For those with a vision for the future, investing in SEO and partnership with expert agencies like Websites That Sell can drive exponential growth and solidify their digital footprint.

  • Holistic digital strategy: Beyond SEO, a comprehensive digital strategy involves web development, content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising, all playing a role in enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

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What is Hipages?

Hipages is Australia's leading online platform connecting local tradies and businesses with potential customers. It serves as a bridge between homeowners and skilled professionals, from electricians to landscapers.

How does it work?

Upon registering, tradies create a profile page showcasing their services and expertise. Homeowners post jobs, and hipages match them with relevant professionals from their local directories.

Tradies then receive these leads and can quote on jobs, turning connections into contracts and more customers.

Who is it for?

Hipages is tailored to local tradies seeking new clients and homeowners in need of reliable professionals for their projects.

It caters to a wide spectrum, from rookie electricians to seasoned builders.

What can I expect?

Tradies can anticipate a steady stream of job leads, while homeowners benefit from a curated list of local experts, backed by online reviews by users and transparent quotes.

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What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the art and science of enhancing a website to achieve higher visibility on search engines like Google.

How does it work?

SEO involves optimising website content, structure, and external factors to rank higher in search results.

Techniques include keyword research, link building, and creating relevant content that resonates with your target and visitors.

Who is it for?

SEO is essential for business owners, bloggers, and virtually anyone with a digital presence aiming to attract more organic traffic and reach a wider audience online.

What can I expect?

By employing SEO, you can expect increased website visibility, a boost in organic traffic, and a higher potential for conversions, ensuring a prominent digital footprint in the vast online world.

Hipages vs SEO: What's the Main Difference?

At its core, hipages is a dedicated platform that directly connects tradies with potential customers, offering immediate leads based on service listings and reviews. It's a direct, pay-per-lead approach.

SEO, on the other hand, is a broader digital marketing strategy, aiming to organically boost a website's visibility on search engines over time.

While hipages provides a quick inroad to clients, SEO is a long-term play, investing in a website's authority and reach in the expansive digital landscape.

Pros & Cons of Hipages for Tradies



Fast set-up
Hipages allow for a rapid setup, enabling tradies to be online and available in no time.
Usually not the best customers and clients
On Hipages, tradies often find themselves in price wars with other competitors, which can attract price-focused customers, rather than quality-seeking ones.
Only pay for leads you get
With Hipages, tradies only incur costs for the leads they receive, although the quality of these leads may vary.
Membership cost + pay per lead
The cost structure includes both a membership fee and a pay-per-lead charge, with the average lead costing around $21.
Length of time in the market
Boasting a significant length of time in the market, Hipages is well-established and known in the industry.
Different lead cost
The price of leads can vary considerably based on factors such as trade type, job location, and job size.
Validate trade licences before joining
Hipages promises professionalism by validating trade licenses before a tradie joins their platform.
You still pay for your own leads
Leads generated from a tradie's own page on the Hipages site are still charged, meaning you pay for your own marketing efforts anyway.
Free integration with their job management app
Tradies benefit from free integration with the job management app, Tradiecore, streamlining their operations.
Hipages holds your payment for two days
Hipages retains payments for two days as indicated by their FAQ page, potentially delaying access to your hard-earned money.
Extra processing fee of 1.6%
An extra processing fee of 1.6% is applied to payments, adding to the overall costs for tradies.

Pros & Cons of SEO for Tradies



Leads are sold on benefits rather than price
With SEO, leads are more often sold based on the value and benefits of the service, rather than just the price.
Bigger upfront investment
SEO often requires a more substantial investment compared to platforms like Hipages.
Only business to service the lead
When a lead comes through SEO, you're typically one of the only businesses they're considering, ensuring exclusivity.
Slower return on investment
The return on investment (ROI) for SEO can be slower, demanding patience.
You deal directly with your customers
SEO leads allow tradies to communicate directly with their customers, fostering trust and clarity.
Risky if picking the wrong company
Choosing the wrong SEO agency or relying on dubious tactics can be detrimental, damaging your own brand.
Same price no matter the number of leads
The cost remains consistent regardless of the number of leads you receive.
Results are not guaranteed
Unlike direct lead-buying platforms, SEO doesn't offer guaranteed results.
Build a database of potential future customers
SEO allows tradies to build a valuable email list, capturing potential customers even if they aren't ready to commit immediately.
Need to stay up to date with algorithm changes
Search engine algorithms are ever-evolving. Tradies need to stay updated or ensure their SEO provider does to maintain or improve rankings.
Long term – your website keeps getting found organically even if SEO stops
SEO provides a long-term presence. Even if SEO activities halt, a well-optimised website continues to be discovered organically.
The landscape is getting more competitive
As more and more business owners recognise the value of SEO and social media pages, the online landscape becomes increasingly competitive, making it harder to stand out.
Ability to outrank Hipages
With effective SEO, your business has the potential to outrank platforms like Hipages in local search results.
You get additional data to help with the rest of your marketing
SEO offers insights through data analytics, equipping tradies with vital information about potential customer behaviour, needs, and questions, enabling more targeted marketing strategies.

Do I Invest in Hipages or SEO?

When choosing between Hipages and SEO, consider the long-term.

Hipages offers quick leads but at a recurring cost and with intense competition. SEO, while requiring an initial investment, establishes a lasting online presence, bringing leads organically.

Over time, the cost-per-lead with SEO often decreases as your website's authority grows. Plus, SEO equips you with direct relationships with customers and valuable insights for refining your marketing.

For a sustainable and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that resonates with local customers and stands the test of time, leaning towards SEO proves to be a wise investment.

Which Option is Best for Tradies For Driving More Leads, Bookings & Sales?

For tradies fresh on the scene, Hipages can be a quick entry point due to its affordability and immediacy.

However, for those with a budget and a vision of long-term growth, SEO shines as the optimal path.

SEO isn't just a tactic; it's an investment in the future. It allows businesses to continually expand their reach through quality content marketing.

To further enhance this strategy, local SEO tactics, like optimising a business listing on Google Business Profile, can put you right in front of customers in your local area.

For a powerhouse approach, complement your SEO with paid ads to ensure your services dominate the digital landscape.

Next Steps if SEO is Right for You

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