How To Rank Your Brisbane Based Business On Google

Key Takeaways From This Guide:

  • Your Google Business Profile is still the easiest and cheapest way to get rankings and traffic for your business (this guide shows you how).

  • Choosing the right keywords is key in getting rankings for terms your customers are using in Brisbane. This guide shows you our process for getting keyword research right.

  • Getting your on-page optimisation right still gets results. (See the case study in this guide.)

  • An under-utilised strategy in the SEO industry is getting links from local Brisbane sites, rather than general .com domains. (See examples of locally Brisbane-based links in section 5 of this guide)

Here's Why Our SEO Strategies Still Work In 2024.

Most business owners & marketing managers would be familiar with SEO (search engine optimisation) and why it matters in this digital age.

The problem is that if the company services clients locally in Brisbane, traditional SEO may fail to attain rankings that matter to the business.

That's why an SEO campaign specific to Brisbane is required if you want to get your business in front of people who live in Brisbane and are using Google to search for you.

If you haven't noticed... your competitors are most likely already tapping into this opportunity.

Let’s just take two industries, for example.

Plumbers in Toowong and Cafe's operating in Chermside.

In the examples below, you'll see that the 3 plumber sites ranking at the top of Google all have highly optimised title tags, and the cafes ranking at the top in Chermside all have put much effort into optimising their Google Business Profile reviews.

Plumber Toowong Example
Cafe Chermside Example

In 2024, the competition for ranking in Brisbane is fierce no matter which industry you choose.

But here is the good news!

If you want to achieve top rankings for your business, then this comprehensive guide will show you 5 of our top Brisbane-specific strategies that still work in 2024.

Top 5 SEO Strategies That Have Proven To Rank Brisbane Companies On Google.

Claim and Optimise Your Google Business Profile (GBP) Listing

A Google Business Profile is a free business listing Google offers businesses to get an online presence in their local area.

You can claim your listing free here: https://www.google.com/intl/en_au/business/

Once you have claimed your listing, we have a guide that shows you how to optimise your Google Business Profile.

We have found that when claiming a GBP without completing any additional SEO work on the listing or the connected website, the profile naturally generates engagement, phone calls, business direction requests, and website clicks.

Here's an example of a business based north of Brisbane that claimed its GPB but never optimised it or completed any SEO on the website.

results of a north Brisbane based businesses GBP

In a 30-day period, this GBP generated:

  • 345 profile interactions
  • 47 phone calls
  • 50 business direction requests
  • 248 website clicks

That is the power of claiming your Google Business Profile.

Local Keyword Research

Local keyword research, specific to Brisbane, is the process of finding keywords people in the area use to find the products or services you offer via Google.

What we have found is that over the last five years, people have become much more accurate with their searches and include many “geo identifiers” in their research.

This means more and more people are using “keyword + location” when searching for local companies in Brisbane on Google.

The problem we often encounter when analysing websites is that businesses use “national” terms to optimise their website just because the search volume is high.

Here is an example.

According to Google's Keyword Planner “electrician” gets 33,100 searches/per month.

keyword volume for electrician

The hyper-local specific suburb version of this keyword "electrician Logan" only gets 260 searches.

keyword volume for electrician Logan

Looking at this data, it would make sense to target the higher-search-volume term; however, this would also mean competing against every other electrician in Australia and the majority of the traffic would not be relevant to the business as they can't service customers outside of Brisbane, let alone Logan.

That’s why, as part of our local keyword research services, we target keywords that are:

  1. targeting areas that are relevant to the business, thus making it easier to rank.
  2. targeting people that are most likely to call, thus making the traffic more valuable for the business.

SIDENOTE: Yes, we know Google has an algorithm to detect when users want information relating to a specific location, even if a national term is used, but as a starting point, we recommend targeting the geo-specific term and then expanding your focus on the national version once you start to drive traffic for the initial term.

On-Page Optimisation

On-page SEO for websites trying to rank in Brisbane is the process of optimising your meta tags, h-tags, images, and content around keywords people in the area use to try and find your business.

What we have found to work really well is ensuring the main keyword the website targets is at the front of your title tag and, if possible, also in the URL and throughout your headers and content.

Our approach to on-page optimisation involves first applying all the basics that we know work and are best practices, then fine-tuning the page over time to achieve top rankings.

Here’s proof of how well this works:

No.1 Brisbane Ranking Results

Success Story:

One of our clients who operates in Brisbane hit the No.1 spot for 4 out of 5 terms by following our on-page optimisation process.

Here's how we did this.

  1. We created a specific page around Brisbane,
  2. Added the location+keyword into the URL,
  3. Added the location+keyword into the title tag
  4. Made the content relevant for the target market in Brisbane.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it allowed us to achieve No.1 rankings for keywords that are driving thousands of visitors each month.

Here's what you get as part of your free download:
Our highest performing fill-in-the-blanks template to create "helpful content" Google loves.
Real-life examples that walk you through every step of the template (this makes writing your own blog post fast & easy)
Over-the-shoulder video with advanced tips to supercharge the performance of your blog (these are additional proven strategies only available to people who download this template).

Mobile Optimisation

Mobile Optimisation is the process of optimising for various screen sizes and fast loading times.

Our testing shows that optimising a website for mobile search doesn’t mean the website ranks better for specific Brisbane-related terms, but rather that it ranks better across all terms for mobile search.

One factor contributing to this is Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing for the whole web in 2020.

Here's why understanding this is important if you want to be found by your customers or clients in Brisbane:

We took a random sample of businesses operating in Brisbane and collected analytics data for a 12-month period from this sample.

We discovered that across the chosen sample, on average, 54% of traffic originated from mobile devices, and 42.98% of traffic was desktop traffic. (source: Websites That Sell in-house client study, 2024)

Important observations include:

1) Your Money Your Life (YMYL) type websites had a similar or lower amount of mobile traffic compared to desktop traffic.

eg. financial services-based website device stats:

Financial Services Company in Brisbane - device stats

eg. kitchen company device stats:

Brisbane based Kitchen company device stats

2) Retail websites had much higher levels of mobile traffic.

eg. eCommerce websites device stats:

Brisbane eCommerce Company - device stats

3) Businesses where buying decisions didn’t have a major impact on someone's life had dramatically high mobile traffic.

eg. Hair salon website device stats:

Brisbane Hair Salon Device Stats

eg. outdoor lights installation company website device stats:

Brisbane based outdoor lighting company device stats


Considering these factors, we discovered that the biggest influencer on device usage is determined by industry type and how the purchase of the product or service influences one's life.

However, all things being equal, our research data shows that people in Brisbane slightly prefer using mobile devices when searching for businesses online.

Therefore we found that industry and the search intent of target keywords influenced how much mobile traffic a site received. However, all things being equal,  optimising for mobile is important as more people in Brisbane lean towards mobile search v's desktop search on Google.

Local Link Building

Website being linked to

Getting links from sites themed around Brisbane involves researching relevant websites and finding which ones would benefit from listing your business as a resource.

We have had great success getting local links from various Brisbane-themed websites such as:




Those types of local links are readily available for most people.

As part of our link-building process, we go one step further.

We research opportunities to leverage our clients' existing relationships (e.g., suppliers, community groups, memberships) and find unique ways to add value to their websites, which in return earns the client a backlink.

These are the types of links only the best SEO companies in Brisbane know how to attain, and they’re what set a top-ranking website apart from one that’s further down the first page or, worse, somewhere on the second page.

Limitations To The Above 5 Strategies That May Affect Your SEO Success in Brisbane

While the above strategies have allowed us to achieve great ranking results over the years, and still in 2024, No.1 rankings on Google aren’t guaranteed by implementing just these five strategies.

The above strategies have proven to generate rankings, phone calls, and enquiries in less competitive markets and geographical areas.

However, there are limitations to how far they will improve rankings for a website operating in a competitive industry.

Limitations to top rankings may include:

  • inferior domain age & authority compared to the competition.
  • technical website errors that suppress rankings.
  • diminishing topical authority and improper interlinking site structure.

If you're in a more competitive space or cannot seem to break through, it might be time to consider our local SEO services for Brisbane companies.

Not only does our team understand what it takes to rank in Brisbane, but we also have data that allows us to choose the best bang for buck keywords, regions, and ways to target them to get fast results.

You can get in touch by requesting a free quote here, or give the team a call on 1300 188 662 to speak to one of our experts directly.